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Monday, April 17, 2017

Bucks Push for Playoff Run

by: Ryan Romenesko

After the Milwaukee Bucks failed to make the playoffs in the 2015-2016 season, Giannis Antetokounmpo is taking the team to a playoffs this year. The Bucks will finish the season with a 42-40 record, coming off a loss to the Boston Celtics on April 12th. The team decided to rest star players Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Matthew Dellavedova and Tony Snell. With a patchy start to the season, the Bucks will come into the playoffs red hot!

In the month of March, Milwaukee managed to finish 14-4, the third most wins in a month in franchise history.  Despite their embarrassing loss to the Denver Nuggets in the first game of March, the Bucks turned their season around after a fatiguing practice the next day. Milwaukee went 14-3 the rest of the month, including a rigorous road trip on the west coast where they came out 4-2.  

Milwaukee will match up against the 3 seeded Toronto Raptors in a 7 game playoff series.  Toronto finished the season will very promising 51-31 record.  Toronto is lead by 2 all stars DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry. DeRozan averages 27 points a game and shoots 46 percent this season. Milwaukee will have a very difficult first round matching up against the Raptors.         

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Boys Volleyball

by: Keenan Stevens

Volleyball, a sport that when most people are asked about it, they think of girls playing, and that it’s a girls’ sport. Just like when you think of football, you think of a guy playing. But both sports can be played by both genders. Seven percent of people say that volleyball is designed for women because there are more men’s sports out there than women's sports. Other sources say, yes, more schools should have a boys volleyball team, which gives the school another shot at glory.

Boys volleyball has been becoming more popular over the years nationwide and is actually being well followed by the students and the school and other fans. I talked to Isaiah Ness from Kimberly High School who finished their Volleyball season at 10-4 in conference, I asked him if it feels any different being a boys volleyball player; he said “A little bit… You don't get as much attention as football or other big fall sports.” Then I asked him if anyone ever tries to tell him that it’s a girls sport, and he said. “I have had people tell me that, usually I just tell them to come watch and they gain more respect when they see guys 6 feet and taller jumping and getting their hand up to 11 feet high.”

Boys volleyball is very overlooked, but that doesn't stop the players from going out and competing and doing what they enjoy. Volleyball is a sport and whether it is  a boy or girl playing, the sport is played by people that love what they're doing so boys volleyball should also be accepted.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Winterfest Week--a Recap

by: Kylie Schultz

The week of March 13-17 was a week we like to call Winterfest. During this week we have all different kinds of activities during and after school. During the school days the students and faculty dress up as something different each day. It is a very fun and interesting time seeing what outfits people come up with for the week. On Monday there was a talent show that consisted of 7 acts. The people that performed in the talent show were Tristan O’Rourke who sang, Carrigan Hurst twirling, Kyra Hietpas and Janelle Fisher playing the piano and singing, Rheise Jackson singing, Olivia Hermsen playing the piano, Tyler Hietpas singing, and Logan Collison and Dalton Polomis rapping. It was also “pajama day” on Monday. The theme on Tuesday was “salad dressing day”. You could dress up as ranch (cowgirl/cowboy), thousand island (beach), or you can be as creative as you like. The theme on Wednesday was “what not to wear day” (crazy trends that never caught on.) The theme on Thursday was “jersey day”. On Friday there was a pep assembly during school. The theme on Friday was “Disney day.” On Friday there was a dance called Turnabout from 8-midnight. The theme of Turnabout was Disney. Turnabout is a special dance where the girls gets to ask the boys to the dance.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Basketball State

by: Mataan Omar
State is where it goes down. It is the best two teams in each division that play each other for the championship. Where the best passing, best shooting and best handles all come together in a hard fought battle for the sought after state championship title. One of the teams there that has made an impressive showing has been Xavier. Even though the Mustangs suffered a tough loss to the Hawks, they have won their semi final game against the once undefeated Ripon Tigers. With Hunter Plamann and Sam Ferris’s combined scores totaled 50 of Xavier’s 81 total. Another hard fought semi final battle was between Prescott (23-3) and Lake Mills (24-2) with Prescott coming out with a substantial win of 74-67. The last semifinal game that didn’t quite make the spotlight was a story of how sometimes not all underdogs can come out on top with Roncolli getting demolished by Destiny 71-54. With the following state games right around the corner, people wait anxiously to see who succeeds and who gets their hopes crushed in the most exciting stage of boys basketball. Xavier now has to take on Prescott to be crowned state champions.  

To the Moon and Back

by: Matt Reynebeau

Prom is right around the corner on April 29th.   This year, junior and senior students from Little Chute High School will be attending the dance at the Timber Rattlers stadium in Appleton. The theme for this year’s dance is “To the Moon and Back,” a theme made up of three colors, gold, black and blue. This year’s prom song is “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett. Prom court features Connor Mara, Will Berens, Soul Dorsey, Charlie Coenen, Gabe Dove, Mack Hooyman, Sawyer Huss, Taylor Grissman, Hannah Robinson, Olivia Hermsen, Olivia O’Connell, Olivia Kliner, Halie Hermsen and Abby Buchholz. Tickets will go on sale in the high school commons on April 3rd for $50 each person. Prom is a magical moment for many people around the country, so come and enjoy the dance in late April!

Spring Sports Preview

by: Connor Weigman

With winter gone and the snow melting, the sun peeking out, the rain falling, the flowers growing, temperature rising, and spring approaching, that means baseball, golf, track, and soccer are right around the corner.

This year’s baseball team consists of nine seniors: Leighton Meyers, Eric Hietpas,  Cory Diedrick, Carson Mara, Jacob Schmieder, Cole Wyngaard, Tyler Hietpas, Caleb Robinson, and Noah Manser. They are returning 7 of the 9 starters from last year’s team. The Mustangs finished with a 12-13 record last year. This year they are looking to win the conference and make it to state.

This year’s Golf team consists of Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman. Junior Connor Mara will have to lead the team after making it to sectionals himself last year. He is looking to redeem himself and make it to state this year. The team seems to be coming together nicely. Last year they had a lot of sophomores and freshman on varsity so the experience should help them.

This year’s soccer team has only five seniors: Morgan Pluger, Nicole Sanderfoot, Ellie Mueller, Kendra Schumacher, and Kenia Gonzalez. They are looking to have a successful year after a not so good one last year. Kendra Schumacher led the team in goals last year and is hoping to do it again.


This year’s track team is trying to repeat from the success that they had last year. They had a total of 31 athletes that went to state last year. Tess Keyzers broke the state record for shot put last year taking first at state. They are looking to win conference and send more athletes off to state and hopefully bring home some 1st place hardware.    

2017 Talent Show

by: Klaudia Lamers

H.jpgTalent show.jpgCarigan.jpg
“You can win a talent show and be so famous that you can’t walk down the street, but no-one knows you next Monday.”- J.J. Field
Our annual talent show has just taken place. When the talent show takes place we have tons of people who try out and make it into the talent show ready to show us their talents. Those talents are singing, dancing, and playing instruments. The two judges Mr. Klein and Mr.Kruger decide who will win the talent show. There were many good contestants but... The winning student was Carrigan Hurst coming in first place with her drill team dance piece. Then in second place was Dalton Polomis and Logan Collison rapping  “Diablo” by Mac Miller. Finally the third winner was Tyler Hietpas singing “Waving Through a Window” by Evan Hansen. The talent show ended in everyone wanting an encore.