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Friday, May 25, 2018

Senior Awards Banquet

by Hannah Robinson

For all students at Little Chute High School, the end of the school year is crazy busy. This is especially true for seniors. From finishing portfolios to senior exit interviews, along with field trip after field trip and early finals, the class of 2018 has had a lot of their plates these last few weeks. To add to that list, this past week was the Senior Awards Banquet. At this annual event, scholarships and other awards are given to the outstanding seniors who earned them.
The Senior Awards Banquet, as always, was held at Liberty Hall in Kimberly. When the seniors and their guests entered the building, they were checked in by the future executive board of National Honor Society. Entering the large dining hall, those in attendance found their seats and talked amongst themselves. Dinner was served after a few minutes. The meal was delicious; it included chicken, dressing, potatoes, vegetables, and other mouth-watering foods. Thank you to those at Liberty Hall for the fantastic meal.
When everyone had finished eating, the ceremony began with introductions from guidance counselor Mr. Pratt and National Honor Society president Olivia Kliner. After that, the night followed the program that guests were given at the door. Scholarships and awards of all kinds were given to the seniors, recognizing them for their academic success, athletic achievement, and extracurricular involvement throughout their four years at Little Chute High School. There was a great variety of awards as well. Some focused on academics and effort while others centered specifically on theater and choir. There were many academic awards given out to celebrate accomplishments in that area as well. On behalf of the seniors, teachers, and staff, I would also like to thank all those who presented the scholarships and awards, not only for their monetary donations but also for the time and care they put into this event each and every year. Retired LCHS principal Mr. Dan Valentyn was even in attendance to present his “Stay Classy” award.
After scholarship and award winners were announced, current principal Mr. Tony Bird recognized the LCHS and LCCPA top ten and valedictorians. This year’s valedictorians from LCHS include Hannah Robinson, Olivia Hermsen, and Olivia Kliner. Representing LCCPA as valedictorian is Emma Wyngaard.
Congratulations to all seniors on your accomplishments I’m sure that our parents, teachers, and peers are excited to see what we will achieve next in our lives. After the ceremony concluded, the seniors posted for some group and individual pictures to capture the memories of the night and celebrate their awards. Below are two pictures from the night. The first one includes Olivia Gloudemans, Olivia Scheeler, and Charlie Coenen. In the next photo, future St. Norbert Knights Abby Kramer, Charlie Hietpas, Lexi Halase, and Hannah Robinson smile big for the camera.

Friday, May 18, 2018

NEC Track and Field Conference Recap

by Olivia Hermsen

On Saturday, May 12th, the Little Chute Track and Field athletes headed to Wrightstown to compete in the North Eastern Conference track meet. The day began with a strong start from the boy’s field events with Bryce Schumacher clinching first place in pole vault. Not only did Bryce win the event, but he also broke the school record with a vault of 13 feet and 9 inches. Other notable field event performances included Noah Mueller placing first in high jump and Adam Hietpas taking second place in long jump. On the girl’s side, Hannah Roth clinched a second place finish in pole vault with a vault of 8 feet and 6 inches. Olivia Hermsen finished with second place finishes in both long jump and triple jump as well as bringing home the NEC Conference Field Event Athlete of the Year award.
Running events also went well for both the girls and boys team. The girls’ 4x200 team consisting of Olivia Hermsen, Hannah Vanden Berg, Jules Joosten, and Alyssa Hutcherson crossed the finish line clinching a first place title. The boys’ 4x200 and 4x100 relay team also competed well by ending both races with a second place finish. Those relay teams both consisted of Carter Pynenberg, Noah Mueller, Bryce Schumacher, and Adam Hietpas. Continuing with impressive relays, the girls’ 4x100 team of Cassi Janssen, Hannah Vanden Berg, Jules Joosten, and Aleeshea Nowacki took second place. Individually, Alyssa Hutcherson took second place in the 100 meter dash and the 200 meter dash. Matthew Sanderfoot ran a dominant 800 meter race which landed him a first place finish. The last event of the meet was the 4x400 relay which the Mustangs excelled in. The girls’ team of Elisha Wilson, Hannah Vanden Berg, Jules Joosten, and Lindsey Grams snagged a third place finish. Following them, the boys’ team of Connor Christopherson, Noah Mueller, Matthew Sanderfoot, and Mack Hooyman ended the event with an impressive second place finish.
All together, 16 boys and girls took home either 1st, 2nd, or Honorable Mention conference honors. Seven athletes were crowned as Conference champions. Overall, the boys and girls team both ended the meet by placing third out of nine teams at the conference meet.

The Last Concert of the Year

by Mckenzye Wymer
Monday night was the last high school band and choir concert for the year. These students have been working since the beginning of March getting ready for this. The high school symphonic band is presenting two pieces. The first piece the symphonic band had played was called ´In the Forest of the Kings’ composed by Pierre LaPlante. This gorgeous piece consists of three different songs each complimenting the last. The last piece is called ´Jump in the Line´ which was originally composed by Harry Belafonte. This piece is completely different than the last one, being more upbeat then ├Źn the Forest of the Kings´. The seniors that are in band are Abigail Kramer, Mckenzye Wymer, Melina Bakken, Paige Fuchs, and Stephanie Serrato. These seniors were recognized during the concert and given a blue rose.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mustang Softball is Back

By Megan Lonigro

The Little Chute Softball team is back from last year with a few new additions. The Mustangs have 10 returning softball players who are as follows: Lizzy Lehrer, Aubrie Hermsen, Olivia O´Connell, Jordan Lonigro, Katie Joten, Megan Lonigro, Brooke Jansen, Mary Hammen, Libby Vandenberg, and Makenna Lamers. Adding to the team this year, Halie Hermsen and Jana Van Vooren have decided to play their senior year as well as Kyra Lefeber, a new freshman. The team is very closely bonded and is ready to get on their field and start to compete against other teams.
According to Halie Hermsen, she is excited for being with the team and getting to know the game on a whole different level. ¨I would go to the majority of the games anyway because of Aubrie [Halie´s sister] so I figured why not play and be with all my friends. Watching the team in the past, everyone is super close in and out of school and I'm super excited to be a part of that,¨ says Halie. Halie Hermsen is an outfielder for the Mustangs and can´t wait until the games start.
Jana VanVooren is playing first base for the team this year. She played softball at a younger age and has thought about going out for the past two years and finally decided to go out her last year. ¨I think the season is going to fly by. My goal is to have fun, play hard, and support each other,¨ Jana states. She is most excited to be with the people she loves to hang out with and work together to accomplish one goal.
Captains last season and this season are seniors Olivia O´Connell and Megan Lonigro. These two girls were chosen as leaders of the team by their coaches and teammates. According to Olivia O´Connell, she believes her job as a captain is to be a positive role model and to be someone's motivation if they are having a rough time. In order for the team to succeed, the captains are looked to in order to make sure everyone is positive and be a point of communication for good and bad situations. When being asked her goal for the team for this season, she replied, ¨I agree with [Coach] Long that at least one win against each conference team is possible.¨ Both captains want to remember our last season of softball and make it as fun and successful as possible.
With seven games canceled already due to unfortunate weather, the Mustangs are excited to get on their field and play some games. The team has been practicing inside and working hard to be ready for a game anytime. The next scheduled home games for Mustang Softball is a doubleheader on Friday, April 20th versus Denmark. Come out and support!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Updated Construction at LCHS
By: Natalie O’Brien

Since October, Miron Construction has made a tremendous amount of progress at LCHS. From tearing down walls to building new ones, the construction crew has been working hard since day one. Back in September, the weight room was available for gym classes; now, it has been moved down into pupil services. The men are remodeling the weight room by expanding the area, where they are combining the weight room and wrestling room into one space. While they are working on that section in the school, the men are also working on the new addition: the library. This library will be much bigger, include new furniture, and contain areas where you can have a fun time playing with new gadgets when done with homework. This space will also offer a new section of books, where each genre, such as romance, drama, histopian, and many more will be labeled. This piece of the building will be connected to the middle school. While the school is under construction, rooms will be shifted. The office will be below the new library and pupil services will be moved to their new location behind the office. The wrestling room will become the dance room, and the new wrestling room will be downstairs. The math hallway will become the English rooms and the math department will be moved into the old library. Little Chute Careers Pathways Academy will be taking the English rooms after this year. This renovation should be done in September. As a student, seeing the incredible amount of work Miron Construction has done this far is truly remarkable.

Best Study Techniques

Exam Anxiety? Try these Psychologist-Proven Study Techniques

Imagine you’re taking a test in your hardest class. You ate a big breakfast that morning, got plenty of sleep the night before, and studied for several hours straight in preparation for the exam. As the teacher begins handing out the tests, you feel extremely confident. There is no doubt in your mind that you won’t get an A. However, all this confidence fades when you pick up your pencil and begin. Your mind draws a blank on material you thought you knew, there are questions that you don’t remember studying, and, worst of all, you don’t even know where to begin with your answers to the essay questions. Chances are we’ve all been in a situation similar to this one. Thankfully, there’s a solution. While different study techniques work for different people, some have been proven by psychologists to help each and every individual earn a better score on his or her exam.
Many high schoolers tend to use massed practice. This is when a student crams all studying for an exam into one study session, usually the night before the exam. This is often due to procrastination in studying. As you might have experienced yourself, massed practice produces negative results. If you use this technique, you will most likely be very tired the next day. Also, psychologists have proven that cramming all studying into one big session is not effective in remembering material. Therefore, distributed practice would be a much better technique to incorporate into your studying. Distributed practice is spacing studying out over time rather than all in one day. This technique has proven to result in better scores on exams, and another positive is that it doesn't take any more time than crammed practice. Distributed practice is most effective when a student begins studying at the beginning of the semester and incorporates it throughout. While you may argue that cramming seems to work for you, it does not help with long-term retention of information. Distributed practice, on the other hand, will help you remember the material for much longer. This is very useful for finals, which often incorporates information from the beginning of the term.
Another technique students often use when studying is rereading text, which includes notes and the texbook. This may come as a surprise to you, but many psychological studies have shown that rereading text does not increase learning. A better alternative to this technique would be to test yourself when reading through notes and the book; ask yourself questions that make you think deeply about the material. This forces your mind to process the information at a more intense level and will result in better remembering of the material. Some textbooks provide questions at the end of each chapter; if yours does not, attempt to form your own questions.
While they hate to admit it, high school students can be lazy. This is especially true in classes that require listening to lectures and writing large amounts of notes. To fix this problem, some students resort to typing the notes. While this is a quicker, easier way to record larger amounts of information, it has proven to be less effective than copying the notes by hand. Writing notes out allows the brain to process information more deeply and focus more on what it is you are recording. Also, students tend to keep track of too much information when typing notes. We sometimes have a habit of recording every word we hear, thinking that that will help us study for the test. In reality, keeping track of the most important information will benefit you on a test. Writing notes will help you do just that. Since most of write slower than we type, this forces us to process the information more deeply and decide what is important enough to write down and what isn’t.
Think ahead to your next test. You may feel anxious, but don’t worry! That’s only because you want to do well. Hopefully this article has inspired you to try these three studying tips and tricks, because psychologists have proven their effectiveness. Begin studying in advance and do so a bit each night, quiz yourself on the notes rather than rereading them, and write your notes instead of typing them, and I guarantee you will not only do better on your exam, but remember the information for a longer period of time.