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Monday, December 4, 2017

CYO Season Looms

by Cassie Bevers
CYO basketball is one of the most popular activities here at Little Chute High School. For those of you don’t know what CYO is, it is a fun way to get some exercise with your friends and be apart of a team. The first game this year is on December 2nd. I interviewed a handful of players and they all seem ecstatic for this season to begin.
I interviewed Abby Buchholz, beginning her CYO career this season. She says, “I am very excited to finally get the chance to play with my friends. I hope that we can make it to the consolation championship because I think the regular championship is a little out of reach. I love basketball, so I’m really excited to see where this season will take us. That’s all I have to say about that.”
Olivia Gloudemans, a returning CYO player, seems to be very excited. She says, “I have high expectations for our team this year. I think if our team comes together and plays well we will have a successful season. There are some new girls on our team this year, and we also have a new coach, which we are very excited about. I am excited to see how our team will work together and hope to have a great season.”
Megan Lonigro, also beginning her CYO season this year, says “I am ready for the CYO season to start. I have some previous basketball experience, which I believe will help my team. I am excited to play with a new team, and I am ready for some competition.”
Will Berens, who has played all four years, says “I am very thankful for such a great organization. I want to thank Tim Hartjes for being a great leader and also for doing a great job organizing CYO. I would also like to thank Forest Welch for being not only a great coach, but also a role model. I love playing the game. Although I am not the most talented, I have a lot of fun and a lot of good memories from all of my years of playing.”
As exciting as a season that many people can expect to have, CYO is a fun experience for any student who wants to get some exercise and hang out with their friends. Sign up today!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Traditions

By Megan Lonigro

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by a lot of different families across the country, each family celebrating Thanksgiving in a slightly different way. Even in a school as small as Little Chute Area School District, there are special traditions that makes everyone’s holiday their own. One student from each grade of our high school shared their special traditions and what their favorite part about Thanksgiving is.
Morgan Trzebiatowski, a freshman at Little Chute Career Pathways Academy, loves Thanksgiving because it is one of the only times she gets to see her extended family. Together they watch football and play board games. Morgan says, “Every Thanksgiving, I walk the Turkey Trot with my friend. Then my family and I go to my aunt's house and have a Thanksgiving meal.” Her family’s usual Thanksgiving meal contains of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and much more!
Sophomore in the high school, Jordan Lonigro goes to both grandparents’ houses over the week of Thanksgiving. At each, there is a huge Thanksgiving meal and all of her family gets together. “After the meal, normally my siblings, cousins, and I go play games while the parents clean up the meal,” says Jordan. “Everyone comes back together for dessert and we all say what we’re thankful for.” Jordan really enjoys Thanksgiving because of the variety of food and because her family is all together, which does not happen often.
Another LCCPA student, Matt Sanderfoot goes to his uncle’s house every Thanksgiving. His family has lived all over the country, but every Thanksgiving they all meet up in Kimberly and spend time together. His family watches a lot of football together, as well as even playing a game of football in the backyard. “It can get pretty interesting considering we play in a tiny yard and everyone is at least 6 feet tall,” Matt says. His favorite part of Thanksgiving is spending time with his family and playing football because he is “always the most energetic one in the game”.
Last but not least, Little Chute High School senior, Mitchell Fontecchio also gets together with his family for Thanksgiving. His entire family of about eighteen come over to his house and each bring a dish to share. His mom always makes two turkeys, one cooked in the smoker and one cooked in the oven. Mitchell says, “Another thing we do every year is draw names for our Christmas gift exchange and we also watch the movie Christmas Vacation.”  This is Mitchell’s favorite time of year for the reason of him being able to get together with his family and see everyone.

Thanksgiving is very looked forward to by most students at Little Chute Area School District . Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving a little differently, even our four students here at LCHS/LCCPA! Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy your special traditions!

Star of the Show

by Olivia Hermsen

Three sold out shows and three standing ovations from a delighted crowd.  Kelsey Weidman, who portrayed Fiona in the musical Shrek, couldn’t contain her excitement and pride for the show.  The role of Fiona gifted the audience with Kelsey’s musical talent but it also gifted Kelsey with some unique opportunities.  It allowed Kelsey to build strong cast relationships with the show’s ensemble (many of which are close friends to Kelsey), who she credits to helping her perform as incredibly as she did.  The lead role also enabled Kelsey to break out of her comfort zone and and with the help of her incredible directors she was able to improve on her overall acting and singing skills.
After all of the hard work that Kelsey and the rest of the cast and crew put into Shrek, it was with great pride that they sold out all three of their performances.  Kelsey states, “I was completely blown away when I heard about the shows being sold out. We've been so close in the past and we finally did it this year. Being sold out was a big step in the right direction on expanding ourselves within the theatre department. It will stand as one of my highlights from senior year.”  As a senior in the Little Chute Theatre Department, Kelsey is a role-model to many of the underclassmen.  When asked what advice she would give to students auditioning for a role, Kelsey replied, “Nerves come to everyone. Don't let them get the best of you. The directors understand that everyone will be nervous and not be at their max potential in the audition. Everyone hates the audition process, so you're not alone. Just be super prepared, take a couple deep breaths, and it will be over soon.”
Along with being deeply involved in the arts, Kelsey has always found time to keep up with her school work.  During the school day Kelsey looks forward to her two favorite classes, choir and creative writing.  Outside of school and extracurriculars a common place to find Kelsey is at Culver’s hanging out with her friends.  Whether she is covered in green make-up or sitting in creative writing class, Kelsey is one of the friendliest people to walk the halls of Little Chute High School.  Kelsey earned the role as the star of the show in Shrek and she continues to shine throughout her involvement in the Little Chute School District and community.

She’s Back!

By Abby Buchholz

If you have been living under a rock, you might not know that Taylor Swift released her groundbreaking album reputation. Many critics are saying that this is her best album yet, but most people say that after she releases any new album. Of course, it has a different sound than all of her other albums, with electronic beats and romantic lyrics. Even Eli Sanchez, who is not ashamed to admit that he isn’t the biggest Taylor Swift fan, says that her new songs are “lit.” Personally, I would have to agree.
Her new album is different from anything she has ever done before, with new beats and even a little bit of rapping. She collaborates with Future and Ed Sheeran on one of the album’s hottest tracks, “End Game.” She also finally breaks away from her innocence in this album while throwing shade at some of her enemies, like Kanye West. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” is Swift’s diss track to Kanye.  My personal favorite song on the album is “Don’t Blame Me,” although, I had a really hard time choosing which song was my favorite. She ends her album with a dramatic ballad, “New Year’s Day,” which sticks to her traditional slow, love song approach. Overall this album was very good and already became the best selling album of 2017 within a week. Unfortunately, reputation is not available on Apple Music or Spotify yet, but I would definitely recommend spending $13.99 for this album. If that’s not up your alley, you could always just wait until it becomes available. One thing is for sure, Taylor Swift hits another stroke of genius with her latest album.   

The Best Study Spots Around LC

By Nicole Plutz

Everyone loves a great spot to buckle down and get their homework done or study for an upcoming test. Whether it is with a study group or by yourself, it is always a good idea to have a great spot to go to for a study session. Each person has their own studying habits that work best. Depending on where you are, these habits can be different. Many students like to study at home because that is where they feel the most comfortable, but sometimes it is also nice to be able to get out of the house to study. There are many places in and around Little Chute where you can go to study and still be able to focus. One can study best when they feel comfortable in the environment and are able to focus on what they need to get done or understand. The following are the spots that many find to be great study areas for all students.
Seth’s Coffee is a great place to go by yourself or with a small group in order study and do homework. The environment is always comfortable and welcoming with many spots around the cafe which allows you to find the spot that is perfect for you.  A perk of this study spot is if you get hungry or are in need of a coffee, it is right there for you. There are a variety of things that you can order without having to leave your study spot to do so. Seth’s Coffee is open until nine o’clock, Monday through Thursday, which widens the time frames that you are able to go in for a study session, especially for those who work or are in sports after the school day.
Another great study spot is the Kaukauna Public Library. This is a quiet place that is great for students that need a more quiet environment in order to study. There are plenty of spots throughout the library where you can find a place that is best for the way that you work. There is a lot of open space to fit study groups or for you to be able to have your own space to work without having to worry about disrupting those around you, or them disrupting you. The Kaukauna Public Library also has free, public wifi access available for those in the building which allows students to be able to do what they need to complete online as well. Monday through Thursday, the library is open until eight o’clock which gives one options for the times that they want to go to this particular study spot.
The Little Chute Public Library is another spot that is great for studying. It is open until either five o’clock or eight o’clock depending on the day and has public wifi access for all library guests. There are spots in the library for different age groups which allows for many different environments within one place. If you are one that needs to have it quiet in order to focus then there is a section for just that, but if you are one that likes to have more social interaction while studying then there is an area for you in the library as well. At the Little Chute Public Library, there are also many resources for all guests to use, such as access to ten different databases for research.
Copper Rock is a little farther away but is yet one more great study spot. At Copper Rock, there is space to fit study groups and also space for individual studying. During the week, it is open until nine o’clock which provides you with the flexibility to go in when you feel like studying. There are also a variety of coffee and tea drinks along with many food options if you need to reboot your brain while studying. They also have free wifi for all customers while they are there. With its comfortable and relaxing environment, Copper Rock is a perfect place for studying or getting your work done.  
A great place to go during the day when you have time off from class or when you just need an area to work is the high school LMC. In the LMC, there is space for group work and for individual studying. This provides for a very open and enjoyable environment for all, but is still a site where you can be very productive and get your work done.

All of these places are great spots to seek out if you are in need of a great place to study. They are all fairly close to Little Chute which makes them easy to go to whenever you feel like studying. The next time you need to study for a big test or simply want a comfortable spot to do your work consider going to one of these great study spots.

Monday, November 20, 2017

SHREK the Musical

by Hannah Robinson

Little Chute High School has a history of putting on wonderful musical performances.  Last year’s heartbreaking “Aida” and the previous year’s hilarious “Urinetown” are remembered to this day for their incredible storylines and talented performers.  With such high expectations for this year’s show, the students had a lot on their plates.  However, with a well-known story and incredibly dedicated students, we can now add “SHREK: The Musical” to the list of performances to remember.
The show was performed at 7:00 p.m. on November 9th, 10th, and 11th in the LCHS auditorium, though those involved in it had been planning and practicing for months.  When an audience member first entered the auditorium, he or she received a program listing all the cast and characters of the show.  Members of LCHS’s Key Club then ushered the guests to their seats, where they waited in anticipation for the musical to begin.  The seats filled quickly, and soon the room was packed with students, staff, family members, and community members eager to watch “Shrek” take life before their own eyes.
As the lights went down, all talking from the audience stopped.  Finally, after months of waiting, the time had come.  After a polite auditory instruction from a few cast members to turn off all cell phones, the musical began.  The opening scene was heartbreaking, drawing the attention of each individual even more.  Shrek’s parents kicked him to the curb at just seven years old, and everyone developed a deep sense of sympathy for the poor, green ogre.  The musical then fast-forwarded many years ahead, depicting Shrek in his adult years where he lived alone in his swamp.  As if the audience wasn’t already intrigued with Shrek’s sorrowful story, then the real magic began.  Shrek, played by senior Jon Spaeth, began to sing.  He sang of his misfortune and misery; he sang of the torture of being alone.  The tone of his voice fit the role perfectly, and all  children, teenagers, and adults alike witnessed one of their favorite Disney characters come to life.
As the musical continued, the audience met Lord Farquaad, portrayed by senior Jonah Hammen.  Once again, the casting choice proved phenomenal.  Jonah’s confidence on stage really shone through his role as the bizarre, petite villain.  Lord Farquaad heard news of the beautiful princess Fiona who had been locked away in a tower for the past 20 years and was determined to make her his wife.  However, fearing the fire-breathing dragon that guarded Fiona’s castle and all other possible perils of the journey, he sends Shrek to save the princess and bring her back to him.  Shrek agrees on one condition; if he can rescue the princess and bring her back to Lord Farquaad, then, in turn, the villain must allow back into the kingdom the fairy tale creatures who had been banished to the swamp.  Shrek reluctantly agrees and begins the long, difficult journey to find the princess.
It is at this point in the story where we meet a fan-favorite character: Donkey.  Played by sophomore Kani Johnson, his remarkable voice, appealing humor, and unarguable charm captivated the audience.  Donkey met Shrek near the beginning of his journey, and he proved to be a loyal companion along the way.  Duets between the two characters were arguably some of the most amusing moments of the entire show, complete with funky dance moves and hilarious lyrics.  Shrek dislikes Donkey when they first meet, but he later finds that there is no friend as loyal as him.
While Shrek and Donkey forge ahead, the musical brings the audience all the way to Fiona’s castle, where we get our first glimpse of the beautiful princess.  Senior Kelsey Weidman enacted this role, and it fit her to a tee.  Before she appeared, however, two younger Fionas dazzled us with their superb voices.  This song they performed, titled “I Know it’s Today”, was split into three parts.  Each part was sung by a different Fiona in order of age to give the audience a sense of just how long the princess had been stuck in the tower.  After young Fiona and teenage Fiona sang, Kelsey’s character took her turn on stage.  She mesmerized the crowd from the first note.  Besides her outstanding voice, Kelsey displayed the traits of the princess in such a way that the audience could not help but become enthralled with her character.  From her quirky facial expressions and dance moves to her natural charisma, Fiona was not your typical princess.  She was one with which the audience could relate to and laugh with, and everyone no doubt felt extremely sympathetic for the princess because of the situation she was in.  However, even though Fiona had been locked up for 20 years, she possesses an overwhelming amount of hope and positivity.  She knew her knight would come, and, as the audience would soon learn, she was not disappointed.
Against all odds, Shrek eventually makes it to the tower.  Donkey stays back while Shrek searches for the princess.  When Fiona sees her rescuer, she is overjoyed.  She had been secluded from the rest of the world for all her life, and now she was free.  As Fiona begins talking about marriage and the incredible future she and Shrek will have together, the ogre reveals his true form by taking off his helmet.  Fiona is shocked, but this feeling of surprise soon dissipates as Shrek tells her that her real husband-to-be is Lord Farquaad.  Kelsey, Jon, and Kani play their characters with such marvellous precision and personality in these scenes.  The three do not miss a beat.
Next, Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona begin the long journey back to the kingdom.  The princess is fascinated with everything she sees: the trees, the flowers, the birds.  Along the way, Shrek and Fiona grow close.  They discover that they are actually very similar in that they both had troubling childhoods and even share the same taste in food.  The audience knows that they are falling in love.  One night, however, Donkey learns a truth about Fiona that she does not want anyone to know.  At night, the princess transforms into an ogre.  Donkey is shocked, and the princess explains that she is cursed and must find true love in order to break it.  She forces Donkey to keep his lips sealed.
Just when Shrek is going to tell Fiona his true feelings for her, he hears the princess talking about a hideous ogre.  She is really talking about herself, but Shrek obviously doesn’t know that and thinks she is talking about him.  He runs away, flower in hand, and keeps his feelings inside.  The trio soon makes it back to the kingdom, where Fiona and Lord Farquaad prepare to wed.  However, when Shrek learns the truth about Fiona, he interrupts the wedding.  The two share a kiss, and their future together is sealed.
This completes the story of Shrek.  Fiona and Shrek find true love, Donkey makes a new friend, and the fairytale creatures get their lives back.  Complete with amazing music and the classic “happy ending”, Shrek is a fantastic fairytale.  Little Chute High School impressed us all with their stunning performance.  From the performers in the spotlight to the set crew and makeup artists backstage, a huge number of students and teachers worked together to put on an unforgettable show.  Though most of the audience already knew the story of Shrek before attending the musical, its performance was so extraordinary that the entire show felt new and exciting.  Everyone involved in the production of the musical can say that it is an awesome experience.  Star Kelsey Weidman sums this up perfectly.  “The musical is always such an amazing opportunity to be a part of,” she shares.  “You get all these amazing, talented kids in one room and build such a strong connection on and off stage.  Even through the rehearsals can run long into the night, the experience you get out of it it worth it.  It’s something I’m going to miss a lot when I graduate.”

While it is impossible to compare this year’s musical with past years’ performances due to differing storylines and performers, it is definitely safe to say that “SHREK: The Musical” will go down in Little Chute High School history books.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Clean Sweep to Kick Off the Dance Season!

by Lexington Halase

On November 4, 2017, both the Little Chute Varsity Dance Team and the Little Chute Middle School Chute-ing Stars Dance Team competed at the 5th Annual Hortonville Invitational. This was the first competition of the year for both teams, and routines were brought out in the categories of Pom, Kick, Jazz, and soloists brought their own routines to show-off. Both teams have been competing at this competition the past four years and have become more successful there as the years have passed. The teams were very successful, and six trophies were brought home between the two teams. It was a great start to the season, and the teams are continuing to work hard throughout practices in order to be just as successful, if not more, at future competitions.
The varsity team had a clean sweep with their routines in both Division 4 Pom and Division 2 Jazz. Taking home two first place trophies and being only one point away from being the highest score of Panel B, the team was able to experience a feeling of success and gratefulness for their great placement. Aside from the team routines, three underclassmen soloists competed their routines in the Division 2 solo division. Quinn Van Schyndel, freshman, took 5th place; Makenze Van De Leygraaf, sophomore, took 4th place; and Jordan Mars, sophomore, took 2nd place. The varsity team will be competing at the Wauwatosa West Invite on November, 18, 2017, to continue their drive for success with their winning routines.
The middle school team brought home 1st place in both Middle School Pom and Middle School Kick, 2nd place in Middle School Jazz, highest score of Panel B with their Pom routine, and were also awarded a candy gift basket for bringing in the most canned food items for the food drive. The middle school’s success paid off as they were awarded a spotlight dance performance for having the highest scoring routine of Panel B. After awards, the floor was cleared, and the team was able to re-perform their Pom routine under a single spotlight in the middle of the gym. Having learned the feeling of winning and success, the team is currently working hard to prepare themselves for the Wauwatosa Dance Invite to continue their successful streak.