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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Answer to Little Chute's Snow Days Question

by: Adiel Trejomartinez

Throughout the years students always wonder why Little Chute doesn't have a two hour delay or close school when we have bad weather. Well our district superintendent Mr. Botz answered the question that many have been wondering for years!  Mr. Botz said “Bad weather is a relative term and is really determined by where one lives (and how far they have to travel to school).  Since 98.7% of all students in the Little Chute Area School District live less than two miles from their respective school ‘plain old’ bad weather doesn't tilt the ‘we have to delay or close school meter.’”  With that being said Mr. Botz also said, “With that understanding, in Mustang Country the weather has to be "extremely" bad for me to even consider shortening or eliminating a school day for the future leaders of our country.”  Hopefully, that clears up some confusion that is floating around out there.   

Friday, January 22, 2016

Check out The Beverly Hillbillies!

By: Stevie Harlow

Pay attention to the amazing set design, with the artwork of Stevie Harlow.

Jacob Schmieder and Nicole Geiger
Winter play time again, everyone! This year the LC Players are putting on the beloved comedy The Beverly Hillbillies! Come and see Jed Clampett, played by Tyler Hietpas, strike rich and move his family, including Jacob Schmieder, Nicole Geiger, and Allison Vandenberg, across the country to Beverly Hills. The show premieres in one week. Performances are January 29th and 30th at 7:00 pm. Doors open at 6:00 p.m.,  and the band Homemade Brew goes on at 6:15 to get us all in the hillbilly spirit. Tickets are available at the door or online at http://www.showtix4u.com Cost is $5 for students and $7 for adults. Don’t miss it!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Little Chute Girls Basketball

By: Kaitlin Kincaid

The Little Chute Girls Varsity Basketball team has a record of 3 winning games and a loss of 8 games as of now. Each and every practice, they work on the things that went wrong to be sure to come out with a win in the next game. The captains, who are also the seniors, Clare Hietpas, Kendra Hurray, Paige Reynebeau, and Kaitlyn Pynenberg, push the rest of the team and themselves every day to help them improve. Junior, Dora Gomm, shares with us her favorite memory of the season thus far. She said, “I had a lot of fun with the team when we went to the overnight tournament that was in Brookfield Central.” She also added that it was a good bonding experience with the rest of the girls. During that tournament, they didn’t do so well against the Division 1 teams, which is understandable. From that time, they gained a good learning experience and realized more of what they need to work on. The team would agree that during practice they need to take the time to condition more to be less tired and to bring up the intensity to work more as a team during games.

As for the Junior Varsity team, they have a record of 5 wins and 6 losses. They take their hard work they put in at practice and bring it to every game. Megan Lonigro, sophomore, says that they’ve had a pretty good season so far. She also says that her favorite memory of the season so far has been the team meals they’ve had because it’s nice to hang out with her team outside of the court. It is quite a change from freshman basketball because they are now preparing to play on the varsity team which means working extra hard and going above and beyond.

The Freshman team has come out with 2 wins so far. Molly Romenesko thinks their struggle is because they need better offense. During practice she hopes that’s what they can focus on so they can score more points in games; however, she said her favorite memory of the season was one of their wins: beating Kiel. The team plans on working hard at practice to improve and come out with more wins before the end of the season.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lunch Plans?

by; Brady Weigman

At this moment many of the Little Chute High School students are preparing for the new Taco Bell opening. This new restaurant will be on Freedom Road and will attract many communities that surround Little Chute.Some pretty solid rumors say the restaurant is opening at 10:00 in the morning on January 15th, which is on Friday. As some people may know, many of the Little Chute students go out to other Taco Bells, which are located on North Richmond Street and College Avenue. A lot of these students go that far to get Taco Bell because it is cheap and perfect for students. So when this Taco Bell opens up the students that can't drive can walk five minutes down the street to get some Taco Bell. Another reason it's good for the students is so they don't have to drive as far and waste gas because there will be a Taco Bell a couple blocks away from the school. Senior, Elias Pirkey says, “I'm very excited for the new Taco Bell because it makes it really easy to decide what to eat for lunch.” Also, sophomore Lucas Montag says, “I am very excited for the new Taco Bell opening because it is a new place to go with friends to hang out.”
This new Taco Bell will also attract many people from basketball tournaments that go on at the high school because it is a fast and cheap food joint. And Taco Bell is not only known for their lunch and dinner; they are also known for their breakfast. So if you didn't eat before your basketball tournament, they can stop at Taco Bell and grab a breakfast burrito. Another way Taco Bell will attract people is after the middle school and high school dances. Many people will stop at Taco Bell because the dances end late at night when all other restaurants are closed besides Taco Bell, which closes past midnight. So if you ever stop in Little Chute you might want to check out the new Taco Bell coming January 15th.

P.S. Mrs. Maass says there isn't any excuses for being late if you go to Taco Bell Friday, January 15th.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Break Memories

by: Alyson Myers

Students at Little Chute High School had a tough time coming back to school on Monday, January 4th after their amazing winter breaks! Most students spent time with their families to celebrate the holidays, as well as relax and hang out with their friends. I asked a few students around school what their favorite memories from Winter Break 2015 were.

Clare Hietpas, a senior at our school, saw a lot of her family and spent time with them over her break. She also hung out with her friends many times. Her favorite part of the break was going out to eat on New Year’s Eve to Pullman’s with her friends!  

IMG_9861.JPGSenior Aaron Gholston spent most of his time over break working at Capital Credit Union. He also spent time eating a lot of food. Aaron got his hair cut just in time to take his senior pictures. Finally, he watched many shows on Netflix and went shopping.

Junior Kendra Schumacher was very busy throughout her entire break! Her favorite Christmas party was at her grandma’s house, where she slept over with her family, who all live out of state. Even though it was break, Kendra continued to have basketball practice, all of which were harder than normal, but she says her team’s positivity made them super fun! Finally, on New Year's Eve with her siblings, she attended a celebration in Menasha that had live music, paper lanterns and a ball drop at midnight.

IMG_0134.JPGNoah O’Bannon, a junior at LCHS, had a very relaxing break away from school. He played video games everyday, as well as hung out at the YMCA. Noah played basketball at the YMCA and enjoyed shooting hoops. In addition, he jumped on another bandwagon, as usual, and hung out with his many friends.

Nate Fleming, sophomore at Little Chute High School, did many fun things on his time off. His favorite part was going snowboarding. Over the holidays, he enjoyed spending time with his family. He also loved opening his presents on Christmas. Finally, Nate went to go see the new Star Wars movie at the theater.

IMG_9860.JPGSophomore Olivia O’Connell had a relaxing Christmas break and spent a great majority of it with her family in Florida. Throughout the entire time that they spent there, it was only sunny for one hour. Despite the weather, they still had a great time, and she really liked hanging out on the beach. Olivia also spent some time shopping on her vacation and enjoyed her new Christmas presents.

IMG_9821.JPGLucas Franck, a freshman at LCHS, got to see many family members on his break at several family gatherings. He also went skiing at Navarino Hills. In addition, he spent a lot of his days off hanging out with his friends!

IMG_9863.JPGFreshman Kaitlyn Theyel enjoyed her Christmas break by seeing a lot of family members. She spent a notable amount of time hanging out with her friends and even went to see the new Star Wars movie. Kaitlyn was also busy with basketball; she had practice almost every day of break and played two games. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoyed sleeping in, going shopping and watching Netflix.

As you can see, everyone from Little Chute High School had a wonderful time over winter break. From skiing and snowboarding to spending time with friends and family, this winter break was one to remember for all.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mustang Boys' Basketball

by: Angela Lowe

Capture.PNGThe 2015-2016 boys basketball season is just beginning. Early on, the Varsity boys team lost hard fought games, but won two great games. The team is excited for the upcoming conference games. It is still early in the season so they’re expected to go on an outstanding run. Coach Martin has the boys working hard in the gym and weight room in order to improve their game. The team believes that their dedication in practice is what counts. This dedication is shown when it comes down to crunch time in a game. There are a total of 10 players on varsity this year and a variety of different grade levels. Chase Janssen and Parker Gloudemans are the only seniors representing the team this year, and they make a huge contribution to the team. Parker is strong and drives down the middle to make a basket, while Chase is quick and shoots threes from the corner.

The JV boys basketball is preparing to play at the next level. The boys push themselves at every practice and continue to add weight in the weight room. The JV team had an outstanding game against Marinette. They were neck to neck the entire game, but at the end of the game they pulled through to take the win. The team is always excited for their next game, and they give their all out on the court. They are continuing the rise throughout the season. 
The freshmen boys basketball team is a new group of boys with various skills. They are doing a fantastic job transitioning from middle school basketball to high school basketball.  The pace of the game is a lot faster, and the intensity is higher, but they’ve shown no struggle in adapting. They are prepared for the high pace games because they work hard in practice in order to keep up. The drills Coach Plate has them running are improving their skills and endurance for game time. Coach Plate is doing a great job on molding them into more improved basketball players.