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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mustang Boys' Basketball

by: Angela Lowe

Capture.PNGThe 2015-2016 boys basketball season is just beginning. Early on, the Varsity boys team lost hard fought games, but won two great games. The team is excited for the upcoming conference games. It is still early in the season so they’re expected to go on an outstanding run. Coach Martin has the boys working hard in the gym and weight room in order to improve their game. The team believes that their dedication in practice is what counts. This dedication is shown when it comes down to crunch time in a game. There are a total of 10 players on varsity this year and a variety of different grade levels. Chase Janssen and Parker Gloudemans are the only seniors representing the team this year, and they make a huge contribution to the team. Parker is strong and drives down the middle to make a basket, while Chase is quick and shoots threes from the corner.

The JV boys basketball is preparing to play at the next level. The boys push themselves at every practice and continue to add weight in the weight room. The JV team had an outstanding game against Marinette. They were neck to neck the entire game, but at the end of the game they pulled through to take the win. The team is always excited for their next game, and they give their all out on the court. They are continuing the rise throughout the season. 
The freshmen boys basketball team is a new group of boys with various skills. They are doing a fantastic job transitioning from middle school basketball to high school basketball.  The pace of the game is a lot faster, and the intensity is higher, but they’ve shown no struggle in adapting. They are prepared for the high pace games because they work hard in practice in order to keep up. The drills Coach Plate has them running are improving their skills and endurance for game time. Coach Plate is doing a great job on molding them into more improved basketball players.

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