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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Break Memories

by: Alyson Myers

Students at Little Chute High School had a tough time coming back to school on Monday, January 4th after their amazing winter breaks! Most students spent time with their families to celebrate the holidays, as well as relax and hang out with their friends. I asked a few students around school what their favorite memories from Winter Break 2015 were.

Clare Hietpas, a senior at our school, saw a lot of her family and spent time with them over her break. She also hung out with her friends many times. Her favorite part of the break was going out to eat on New Year’s Eve to Pullman’s with her friends!  

IMG_9861.JPGSenior Aaron Gholston spent most of his time over break working at Capital Credit Union. He also spent time eating a lot of food. Aaron got his hair cut just in time to take his senior pictures. Finally, he watched many shows on Netflix and went shopping.

Junior Kendra Schumacher was very busy throughout her entire break! Her favorite Christmas party was at her grandma’s house, where she slept over with her family, who all live out of state. Even though it was break, Kendra continued to have basketball practice, all of which were harder than normal, but she says her team’s positivity made them super fun! Finally, on New Year's Eve with her siblings, she attended a celebration in Menasha that had live music, paper lanterns and a ball drop at midnight.

IMG_0134.JPGNoah O’Bannon, a junior at LCHS, had a very relaxing break away from school. He played video games everyday, as well as hung out at the YMCA. Noah played basketball at the YMCA and enjoyed shooting hoops. In addition, he jumped on another bandwagon, as usual, and hung out with his many friends.

Nate Fleming, sophomore at Little Chute High School, did many fun things on his time off. His favorite part was going snowboarding. Over the holidays, he enjoyed spending time with his family. He also loved opening his presents on Christmas. Finally, Nate went to go see the new Star Wars movie at the theater.

IMG_9860.JPGSophomore Olivia O’Connell had a relaxing Christmas break and spent a great majority of it with her family in Florida. Throughout the entire time that they spent there, it was only sunny for one hour. Despite the weather, they still had a great time, and she really liked hanging out on the beach. Olivia also spent some time shopping on her vacation and enjoyed her new Christmas presents.

IMG_9821.JPGLucas Franck, a freshman at LCHS, got to see many family members on his break at several family gatherings. He also went skiing at Navarino Hills. In addition, he spent a lot of his days off hanging out with his friends!

IMG_9863.JPGFreshman Kaitlyn Theyel enjoyed her Christmas break by seeing a lot of family members. She spent a notable amount of time hanging out with her friends and even went to see the new Star Wars movie. Kaitlyn was also busy with basketball; she had practice almost every day of break and played two games. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoyed sleeping in, going shopping and watching Netflix.

As you can see, everyone from Little Chute High School had a wonderful time over winter break. From skiing and snowboarding to spending time with friends and family, this winter break was one to remember for all.

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