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Monday, February 29, 2016

Winter Fashion

by: Allie Glaser

As the weather gets colder, students all over LCHS are finding new ways to stay warm while at school.  Here are just a few popular trends that you can see around the halls:

Tall socks: These socks can be found in many different styles and colors, to match with outfits or just stay warm.  From fuzzy to ruffles, these socks have become a big hit around the school.

Vests: Puffy vests are a popular item for both boys and girls.  They are a wonderful way to layer outfits and keep warm on those cold days.

Scarves: Scarves have been an versatile accessory for many years.  This year plaid scarves have become a cute way to accessorize and stay warm.  

FullSizeRender.jpgFlannels:  Flannels have become a great way to layer outfits, and “Flannel Friday” has become a popular day to show off everyone’s different flannels.

Vera Bradley:  A new trend in bags has come out this year; Vera Bradley creates a fun and unique way to carry everything a student could need during their day at school.
Basketball Shorts: Despite the freezing temperatures, many boys are stilling wearing their basketball shorts.  I asked Brandon Hietpas why he chooses not to wear pants, and he responded with: “Every weather is shorts weather.”   

Dancing the Night Away

by: Angela Lowe
Turnabout 2016 was on Friday night, February 19th. The theme “Black and White” thrived throughout the gym. The bleachers were covered in black paper and newspaper, the walls were lined with changing lights, and the photo booth was covered in lights to make the gym more decorative.
When 8:00 o'clock struck the gym began to flood with students. The boys dressed nice in their button down shirts and khakis, while the girls strutted in their heels and cute dresses. Everyone was ready to crowd on the dance floor and let the night begin.
This year we hired a  new DJ, Over The Top Entertainment. They played a variety of songs throughout the night that the crowd loved. Every song they played had a crowd of excited kids on the dance floor. They danced and screamed the lyrics from the top of their lungs for four hours straight. 
Turnabout 2016 was one to remember. It left the underclassmen excited for the dances to come. The Seniors had so much fun that they are trying to get together a farewell dance. If you’re interested in helping organize it talk to Kristina Aguilera.  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Winterfest Dress-up Days

By: Seth Sherrer

Check your closets, dig through your dresser, and gander through Goodwill.  Dressing up for dress up days is a really fun and exciting experience and a nice way to bust up the long winter. Next week is Winterfest week at LCHS, which means you will get to see all the creative and funny outfits people wear to school. There will be only four days that we will be dressing up because of the shortened week.

Tuesday--Jersey Day   Missing football so soon? You will be able to decide between your favorite jersey that you want to wear. 

Wednesday-- Grey on Grey day.  Deck out in all of your grey apparel. How many shades can you
wear in one outfit?
Thursday-- Career day This day is confusing, but it means that seniors will dress up as senior citizens, juniors and sophomores will dress up as what career they want to pursue in life, and freshmen will dress up as babies. Staff can select whatever category they would like.
Friday-- Mustang day You will be able to wear all your favorite Mustang gear!

I highly recommend participating in these dress up days because again it is a really fun and great experience.