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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Winterfest Dress-up Days

By: Seth Sherrer

Check your closets, dig through your dresser, and gander through Goodwill.  Dressing up for dress up days is a really fun and exciting experience and a nice way to bust up the long winter. Next week is Winterfest week at LCHS, which means you will get to see all the creative and funny outfits people wear to school. There will be only four days that we will be dressing up because of the shortened week.

Tuesday--Jersey Day   Missing football so soon? You will be able to decide between your favorite jersey that you want to wear. 

Wednesday-- Grey on Grey day.  Deck out in all of your grey apparel. How many shades can you
wear in one outfit?
Thursday-- Career day This day is confusing, but it means that seniors will dress up as senior citizens, juniors and sophomores will dress up as what career they want to pursue in life, and freshmen will dress up as babies. Staff can select whatever category they would like.
Friday-- Mustang day You will be able to wear all your favorite Mustang gear!

I highly recommend participating in these dress up days because again it is a really fun and great experience.   

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