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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nearing the Finish Line

by: Kristina Aguilera
As the school year of 2015-16 comes to a close, the senior class starts to prepare for many things. They have portfolios to finish, a senior dance and class trip to plan for, and a graduation ceremony that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Aly Myers and Jake Siebers proudly display their completed porfolios!
Over the course of their four years at LCHS, the students have to maintain a portfolio. Their portfolio is a collection of assignments, projects, and accomplishments that they have acquired over their high school career. The portfolio must be centered around the eight district outcomes and must be presented to two LCHS staff members, as well as one community member during exit interviews. Before all of that happens the portfolio must be presented to each senior student’s PAC advisor and checked off, to make sure it completes the requirements.
Every year the senior class goes on one last trip. The trip destination can be different each year because the destination is voted on by the senior class and happens in May. The destination for this year is currently undecided, but many cool and fun ideas are in the works. Throughout high school there are normally a total of nine dances that are offered to each class. This list includes a series of homecoming and turnabout dances as well as the junior prom. As of early March it was approved that there will be one more dance at LCHS. There will be a senior farewell dance. All of the grades are invited but the focus of the dance will be saying goodbye one last time to the seniors before graduation.
As of early February caps and gowns were ordered, and the senior class journey turns the corner to the final finish line. The seniors attended one of their last class meetings, where they hear words of wisdom from Mr. Pratt and Mr. Corrado and hear an inspirational story from Mr. Valentyn. The story we were told this time was centered around the idea of pushing a little bit further and finishing strong.   So seniors as you are nearing the end of your high school career and preparing to take the next steps into your future, always remember just push a little bit further, stay strong, and most importantly as Mr. Valentyn has always said, stay classy and be good to each other!

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