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Friday, March 4, 2016

Open Campus Lunch: Delicious or Suspicous

by: Abigail Buchholz and Hannah Robinson

    At 11:14 a.m., students at Little Chute High School hustle from their respective classrooms, fly down the stairs, and sprint to their vehicles in the parking lot.  What could possibly cause such hectic behavior?  The answer is open-campus lunch.
   Open-campus lunch is a 45 minute period at LCHS that allows students to leave the campus and either go home or out to a restaurant to eat lunch.  If a student is unable to leave school or simply does not wish to leave school, the commons area is open to students and also provides a variety of food choices for them.
    How did this privilege come to be? According to LCHS principal Mr. Valentyn open-campus lunch has been around since our school was founded in 1966. Valentyn also says that this advantage has never been taken away from students. Open-campus lunch was instilled in our school for a few reasons. Since Little Chute is the smallest school district in Wisconsin in regard to square miles, the school is not required to bus students.  Back in the 1960’s, students would walk home for lunch and then walk back to school. They did this because most students only lived a few minutes away from the school. The idea of going home for lunch stuck, and open-campus lunch has been at LCHS ever since.

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