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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Snow Day!!!!!

by: Adiel Trejomartinez

With spring break coming up close and winter storm Cindy coming in closer, we all have one question. What will we do with finals if school is cancelled? Many staff members and students are in panic as the term is ending, and there are finals that are needed to be taken yet. Many say we should have a regular finals day two schedule the day we return from spring break. With all this chaos going on lately from the power going out, to an unexpected snowstorm, to the usual last minute rush to get assignments in and grades up, life at LCHS is a bit chaotic. Now we add to the mix the potential reschedule of finals.What does our school principal Mr. Valentyn have to say about this chaotic week and new schedule change?  “I would say it has been a very strange week indeed! I can't remember anything like this happening in the last 10 years. We have had occasional emergency type things, but twice in a week has not happened.” This is a very strange occurring but hopefully we find a good solution to end this very interesting dilemma that occurred!  The current plan is to hold the exact same schedule we would have had on Thursday, March 24th, on Monday, April 4th, after our spring break.  So the first block will be an optional time to get caught up on tests, and Block 2 and 4 finals will take place before and after lunch.  Listen for an Alert Now from Mr. Valentyn for more information.

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