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Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break Plans

by: Aly Myers

As the school year drags on, many students are excited for spring break. Little Chute High School’s spring break falls from March 25 to April 4 this year. I asked students around our school what they are planning to do for their spring break.

Chris Peeters is planning on going to Phoenix, Arizona for spring break. He is excited to go with his family and enjoy the warm weather. They are going to spend their time there golfing and sightseeing.

Senior Angela Lowe is going to New York City and Washington D.C. with her mom. She is very excited to see these new places, since she has never been there.

Ellie Mueller, a junior at our school, plans to be very busy on her spring break. She is going to play soccer and hang out with her friends while enjoying the spring weather. Additionally, Ellie is going to take several college tours, including UW-Madison and Marquette University.  

Junior Logan Collinson plans to tour UW-Oshkosh over spring break. He is also going to visit family in Illinois and go to a “really cool” museum down there. Finally Logan said he is pretty sure that he won’t be able to ride his moped in the nice weather, because it broke. RIP.

Gabe Dove, a sophomore at LCHS, says he is going to hang out with his friends for the first half of break. Towards the end of the week, Gabe will be traveling to St. Louis, Missouri with the baseball team to play several games and go sight seeing.

Sophomore Olivia Hermsen is planning many things for her week off of school. She is planning on going down to Milwaukee for a Buck’s game. Olivia will be going to track practice all week and hang out with her friends.

Sam Hietpas, a freshman, is going to Florida for spring break. He is traveling with his family and is excited to go to a hotel. When he is in Florida, his family is going to visit his grandma.

Freshman Karleigh Wolf is going to spend her spring break in Mexico with her family. She is going to spend her time there enjoying the weather, “chilling”, and hanging out on the beach.

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