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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


by:Katie Lamers

“Life can take you higher than drugs.” STRYPE stands for Students Teaching Reaching Youth Peer Educators. Each week the STRYPE students create lesson plans, with the help of Mrs. Scheeler, to teach the 7th and 5th graders.The lessons are based around making safe decisions and saying no to peer pressure, drugs, and alcohol.

The lessons got interesting when we brought out the pig lungs. The students were intrigued and grossed out by the thick tar covered pig lungs.It showed them the effects of tobacco use. We also showed them a jar of phlegm and tar that had them asking many questions.The St John’s students had a blast trying on the impairment goggles.One of the students performed a field sobriety test.They had to walk a straight line and try to catch an object from 10 feet away. Every student failed to complete the tests.

IMG_1209.JPGThroughout our weeks with the students we have gotten to know them. It has been interesting experiencing some of the things a teacher goes through in a day. It started off rocky with not knowing how to keep them interested and engaged. After awhile we learned how to make things fun and exciting.

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