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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Little Chute's Baseball Team

by: Brady Weigman

IMG_1286.JPGLittle Chute’s Baseball team has had an interesting year so far. Their season is decent, with a record of 7-9. They also have three key Division 1 wins, and they were against Menasha, New London, and a team from Rolla, Missouri. In conference play the Mustangs are 3-6 and are in 7th place overall in the conference. The team also has only three seniors: Josh Ciske, Brady Weigman, and Brady Lonigro. The team did some pretty cool things over the season which include going to St. Louis, running a 5K, running a baseball camp, and running an Inspire baseball camp for kids with special needs. This has been a great experience for everyone on the team so far, and they hope to make a run during the playoffs.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meet the New Principal

by: Seth Sherrer

With everyone anxious and excited about the seniors who will be graduating and leaving this school in three days, they may have forgotten a very special someone who is leaving the school as well. That very special person is principal Dan Valentyn. Valentyn has been a principal at Little Chute High School for the past twelve years. I can very well say that he was liked by everyone here at LCHS and will be very well missed. Now the big question that everyone asking is, “Who's going to be the new principal here at LCHS?” His name is Tony Bird. He was an assistant principal at Oshkosh Area School District. Previous to his assistant principal job, he served as the Dean of Students and Social Studies teacher. He lives with his wife Kristin and three children. They enjoy spending time together as a family and being outdoors.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Getting Well at LCHS

by: Kristina Aguilera
33.PNGDiversity Club is one of many clubs here at LCHS. Their mission is to help spread awareness and education about mental health. Throughout the year they have many missions. These missions range from the Hygiene drive at the beginning of the year to the Mental Health Awareness week at the end of the year. This year Diversity Club teamed up with the Wellness Day committee and attempted to hold both events on the same day.

The Wellness/Mental Health day consisted of first the cookout and activity fair, and the wellness activities were to follow. The activity fair consisted of multiple business booths. Some of these businesses include NAMI, Planned Parenthood, Womankind, and many more. Alongside the activity fair the members of Diversity Club also hosted a cookout. They raised money and supplies from local businesses, and some of the members personally grilled the food. The club prepared burgers, brats, and hotdogs for the students and staff at LCHS. Sadly the weather was uncooperative for the day, and it started to sprinkle upon the cookout. Thankfully we were able to move inside and continue the rest of the activity fair, and  Wellness Day was rescheduled for the following Friday.
Capture.PNG Wellness Day Take 2 was a blast! Many different activities were offered for students, such as kickball with Mr. Rankin and Mrs. Scheeler, and Dodgeball with Mr. Corrado and Mr. Botz. During wellness day each teacher/assorted staff member here at LCHS has two events or activities that students can participate in. These activities consist of different ways in which students and staff can keep their bodies and minds well, mentally and physically. Coloring for relaxation and ultimate frisbee are a few of the other popular activities that many chose to participate in on wellness day.  

Friday, May 20, 2016

Can I have Your Snapchat?

By: Allie Glaser
Snapchat has over 100 million users, and there are plenty of students at LCHS that use the app.  I went around school to find out what people like most about the popular app.  I asked:
  • How often do you snapchat?
  • What’s your favorite filter and why?

IMG_9669.PNGAllison Romenesko-”Every day.  I like the face swap the best because it's funny.”

Aly Myers-”Every day.  I also like the faceswap because it’s funny and fun.”

IMG_9590.JPGKendra Huray-”Every day.  I like both the dog filter and the one that makes your eyes big because I think they are humorous.”

IMG_9589.JPG Brandon Hietpas-”Not often. I don’t have a favorite filter because I enjoy being natural.”

Lindsey Clark-”Every day.  I like the faceswap through camera roll because I like to pretend I'm Beyonce or Ke$ha; those are my favorite.”

IMG_9591.PNGMaya Weyenberg-Every day. I used to really enjoy the tomato, but since that is no longer on there I would have to say my favorite is the Hawaii one because it makes me feel like I’m on the set of Lilo and Stitch.”

IMG_9594.PNGMadison Driessen-”Every single day (I have a 400 day streak).  The one that turns your smile sideways because it makes me laugh.”

Randy Estevez-”Whenever I get a notification.  The face swap because it’s unique and special and you can make any face you want.”

IMG_9595.PNGEmma Pauls- “Every minute. My favorite is all of them because it depends on the lighting, but one of my favorites is the frowning one because it makes me look pale and that is in style.”

Mrs. Van De Yacht- “Only when I can pop into other students photos and make fun of them.  I like the angel one because it reminds me of myself.”

Elias Pirkey-”Often.  I like the faceswap because it’s hilarious.”


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Best Places To Find LC Students This Summer!

by: Maya Weyenberg

Summer is a fun time for all students at LCHS. Some students are going on fun vacations; others are spending their time swimming and hanging out with friends. Many of these students are going to be working over the summer also. This is a great time to work in order for the students to receive money to spend or save for college. Here is a glimpse of where some of our students will be working this summer.

IMG_7371.PNGSenior Allison Romenesko plans to continue working at Kohl's in Darboy until she obtains her CNA license. She has worked at Kohl’s for a little over a year. There she works on the sales floor, rotating through misses, juniors, and men’s clothing.  

Sophomore Halie Hermsen is going to spend her summer working at Doyle Pool. She worked there last year as a pool attendant, and this year is going to be a lifeguard.
This summer if you're looking for something fun to do head on down to Doyle Pool and see Halie.

IMG_7275.JPGAlong with Halie, Emily Slater will also be working at the pool. This is her first year working there, and she can’t wait to start. She is going to be doing many different jobs, including working the front desk, selling some delicious snacks, and making sure the pools and bathrooms stay clean.

Zach Higgins is going to continue his job as a security guard at Menards. He has been working there for awhile now and cannot wait for another summer filled of fun. Next time you have to pick up your lumber or stone from the back of Menards, you might have to get through Zach first.
Evan Suehring is going to be working at Best Buy throughout this summer. He enjoys this job because he gets to do something that he knows a lot about.

This summer Elias Pirkey is going to be working for his family company Pirkey Works. He is excited to be able to paint many different places.

IMG_7273.JPGEmma Pauls plans to spend her summer in Australia helping out the mommy kangaroos. She will be taking the place of the baby in the mom's pouch. When she is not working there she will be working at Culver’s here in Little Chute.

As you can see we have a plethora of different summer jobs in the area.  Everyone is so excited for summer to begin and to make some money!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Black Knights Are Undefeated!

by: Adiel Trejomartinez

On Friday, April 22nd, the Black Knights Rugby team started off their season by hosting the Appleton Dragons and the Valley Crusaders in a double header! The score throughout the first half of the game remained  zero to zero as both teams played hard and defended the ball. There were two tries that were not awarded, the first to Senior Alex Hebert during the first half and another to Travis Belongea during the first half as well! At the start of the second half Junior MItch Gut got away from the pack and scored a try to put the Black Knights in the lead four to zero. Shortly after Alex Hebert added one more point by kicking the extra point! So now the score was five to zero with the Knights in the lead but not for too long. The Dragons were awarded a free kick due to an offside penalty on the Knights’ side. Once the Dragons kicked the free kick and made it, the score was now 5-3 with the Knights still in the lead. At the end of the second half the Knights pulled off a smooth first win for the season opener! Good job to the crusaders who started off their season strong with a record of zero wins and one loss. Good job Black Knights!FB_IMG_1462288281456.jpg

Class of 2016 Senior Trip

by: Kaitlin Schuh
For the senior class trip, the class of 2016 chose to go to the Kalahari.The Kalahari had many different options for the students to do such as the indoor waterpark, the indoor theme park, souvenir shops, and the tasty Sweet Hut. A majority of students started off exploring the 125,000 square foot indoor waterpark. The waterpark included numerous slides, a wave pool, lazy river, an outdoor hot tub and a surfing/bodyboarding area. Many guys took on the bodyboarding challenge and entertained all of the students who were watching. After people were done swimming, they took a break to eat lunch. Everyone got pizza and a drink, but many went to the Sweet Hut and enjoyed some chocolatey desserts and ice cream. After everyone was done swimming and eating, the theme park became the popular spot. The indoor theme park was filled with rock climbing, go karts, miniature golf, ropes course, laser tag, ferris wheel, a 3D interactive shooting game and arcade games.
Overall, everyone had a great time at The Kalahari Resort. This will definitely be a trip to remember for the Class of 2016.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

First Annual Senior Farewell Dance

by: Angela Lowe

After Turnabout the Seniors were not ready for that to be their last high school dance. Therefore, Student Council held a meeting to discuss possibly having one more. After many meetings they came to an agreement that there will be a Senior Farewell Dance on April 29th.The dance is not only for the Seniors; all grades were welcome to come. Approximately 150 students bought tickets to attend the dance to wish the seniors a farewell. When you walked into the gym, red streamers were hanging from the doorway. A table was set up with a banner on it for the seniors to sign and the underclassmen could write messages on it. The dance floor was circled by tall silver poles where the students gathered to have a good night.
Gavin Krause, a junior, agreed to DJ the dance. He set up his equipment in the front of the crowd, added in strobe lights, and had two large speakers on each side.  The crowd was screaming the words and danced to the songs he played. Gavin even did a tribute to the seniors, by playing the slow song “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias, which was played at their freshman homecoming.
Overall, the Senior Farewell Dance was a new and fun experience that the school 
should keep doing.

Globals Bound!

by: Stevie Harlow
awards.jpgThis year Little Chute had 9 teams compete at the State tournament for Destination Imagination. While all teams performed well, one team received first place and qualified for the Global Final competition in Knoxville, Tennessee. This team consists of Gabe Dove, Justin Schuman, Destiny Fay, Kyra Wildenberg, Janelle Fisher, Marki Hietpas, and Tommy Mlodzik.

black and white.jpgFor their challenge, they had to solve a mystery. In their skit they had to have three suspects that could have committed the crime. At the beginning of their performance an envelope that contained the guilty suspect was placed in their performance area. They then had to interrogate the three suspects and use a “TechniClue” to determine who was guilty. Until the envelope was opened, the team did not know how their performance was going to end.

This team set their performance in a 1920’s black and white movie. Other than the movie curtains and signs to advertise the movie, EVERYTHING was painted black and white; including their bodies. Their skit revolved around the murder of Robert Charles the 16th, played by Tommy Mlodzik. His leftovers at a restaurant were poisoned with arsenic by either his wife, his secretary, or his girlfriend. With the use of a “Liesmograph” the two police officers, played by Marki Hietpas and Gabe Dove, interrogate the three suspects and detect who's lying by how much their hands jitter from nerves.

Our DI program is losing seven seniors this year. Quin Stuyvenberg, Jessica Boesch, Jack Delvaux, Jessica Missall, Andy Schmidt, Tommy Mlodzik, and Stevie Harlow have been involved for multiple years and wish everyone continuing the best of luck. Many of them plan on continuing the program through being judges or even starting their own teams. There are big shoes to fill in this family, so please go talk to Mr. Greuel or a member of a team if you are interested in being involved.

Getting to Know our Future Service Members

by: Allison Romenesko
As students are deciding what to do with their future they are realizing that there are many different options. This year we have seven students that will be joining the military. I interviewed a few of them and asked them which branch they are going into, how they are preparing, what made them want to go into the military, and what they are most excited for. We would like to give a big thank you to these selfless people.

IMG_1458.JPGElias Pirkey said,” I am going into the United States Marine Corps. I am preparing by working out with the poolees (enlisted but not actual marines yet) every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Also working out at school in between those days. Dillon Bricco, my brother’s old friend, joined the Marines, and it opened my eyes to the opportunity of the Marine Corps. A few years later I went to graduation at the end of my freshmen year, and when the future military students stood and were recognized with a standing ovation I really wanted the respect that military members get, and I wanted to serve the country that I love. I’ve always thought about how I could change the world for the better, and I believe that whatever our military leaders have planned for our country will make our world a better place.” 

Brett Henderson said, “I am going into the Marines. I’m preparing by going to physical training and eating healthy. What made me decide was my family and I wanted to do something challenging and I wanted to earn brotherhood. I am excited for the benefits and traveling.”    

Mike Lancour said, “I am going into the Navy to be an engineman. I am preparing by working out, studying my study guide, going to DEP meetings, and working out in the shed with my dad and having him teach me some things that might come in handy. I have wanted to do this for a while; it has been a dream of mine. I wanted to serve my country, help out others, and see the world. I am excited for how much I am going to learn from this experience as well as being able to see the world. I am also excited to serve my country because it is something that I really want to do. The challenge and the relationships I am going to make with new people are exciting too.”

Cody Morris said, “I am going into the Navy. I am doing cardio during lunch to get my conditioning up. I decided to go into the military because I want to help and protect people domestic and foreign. I am excited to go through boot camp when I go.”

Zach Verbruggen said,”I am going into the Navy. I am preparing by working out and running daily. This has been something I have wanted to do since I was young. I am excited to see the world and travel.”