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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Black Knights Are Undefeated!

by: Adiel Trejomartinez

On Friday, April 22nd, the Black Knights Rugby team started off their season by hosting the Appleton Dragons and the Valley Crusaders in a double header! The score throughout the first half of the game remained  zero to zero as both teams played hard and defended the ball. There were two tries that were not awarded, the first to Senior Alex Hebert during the first half and another to Travis Belongea during the first half as well! At the start of the second half Junior MItch Gut got away from the pack and scored a try to put the Black Knights in the lead four to zero. Shortly after Alex Hebert added one more point by kicking the extra point! So now the score was five to zero with the Knights in the lead but not for too long. The Dragons were awarded a free kick due to an offside penalty on the Knights’ side. Once the Dragons kicked the free kick and made it, the score was now 5-3 with the Knights still in the lead. At the end of the second half the Knights pulled off a smooth first win for the season opener! Good job to the crusaders who started off their season strong with a record of zero wins and one loss. Good job Black Knights!FB_IMG_1462288281456.jpg

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