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Friday, May 20, 2016

Can I have Your Snapchat?

By: Allie Glaser
Snapchat has over 100 million users, and there are plenty of students at LCHS that use the app.  I went around school to find out what people like most about the popular app.  I asked:
  • How often do you snapchat?
  • What’s your favorite filter and why?

IMG_9669.PNGAllison Romenesko-”Every day.  I like the face swap the best because it's funny.”

Aly Myers-”Every day.  I also like the faceswap because it’s funny and fun.”

IMG_9590.JPGKendra Huray-”Every day.  I like both the dog filter and the one that makes your eyes big because I think they are humorous.”

IMG_9589.JPG Brandon Hietpas-”Not often. I don’t have a favorite filter because I enjoy being natural.”

Lindsey Clark-”Every day.  I like the faceswap through camera roll because I like to pretend I'm Beyonce or Ke$ha; those are my favorite.”

IMG_9591.PNGMaya Weyenberg-Every day. I used to really enjoy the tomato, but since that is no longer on there I would have to say my favorite is the Hawaii one because it makes me feel like I’m on the set of Lilo and Stitch.”

IMG_9594.PNGMadison Driessen-”Every single day (I have a 400 day streak).  The one that turns your smile sideways because it makes me laugh.”

Randy Estevez-”Whenever I get a notification.  The face swap because it’s unique and special and you can make any face you want.”

IMG_9595.PNGEmma Pauls- “Every minute. My favorite is all of them because it depends on the lighting, but one of my favorites is the frowning one because it makes me look pale and that is in style.”

Mrs. Van De Yacht- “Only when I can pop into other students photos and make fun of them.  I like the angel one because it reminds me of myself.”

Elias Pirkey-”Often.  I like the faceswap because it’s hilarious.”


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