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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

First Annual Senior Farewell Dance

by: Angela Lowe

After Turnabout the Seniors were not ready for that to be their last high school dance. Therefore, Student Council held a meeting to discuss possibly having one more. After many meetings they came to an agreement that there will be a Senior Farewell Dance on April 29th.The dance is not only for the Seniors; all grades were welcome to come. Approximately 150 students bought tickets to attend the dance to wish the seniors a farewell. When you walked into the gym, red streamers were hanging from the doorway. A table was set up with a banner on it for the seniors to sign and the underclassmen could write messages on it. The dance floor was circled by tall silver poles where the students gathered to have a good night.
Gavin Krause, a junior, agreed to DJ the dance. He set up his equipment in the front of the crowd, added in strobe lights, and had two large speakers on each side.  The crowd was screaming the words and danced to the songs he played. Gavin even did a tribute to the seniors, by playing the slow song “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias, which was played at their freshman homecoming.
Overall, the Senior Farewell Dance was a new and fun experience that the school 
should keep doing.

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