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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Globals Bound!

by: Stevie Harlow
awards.jpgThis year Little Chute had 9 teams compete at the State tournament for Destination Imagination. While all teams performed well, one team received first place and qualified for the Global Final competition in Knoxville, Tennessee. This team consists of Gabe Dove, Justin Schuman, Destiny Fay, Kyra Wildenberg, Janelle Fisher, Marki Hietpas, and Tommy Mlodzik.

black and white.jpgFor their challenge, they had to solve a mystery. In their skit they had to have three suspects that could have committed the crime. At the beginning of their performance an envelope that contained the guilty suspect was placed in their performance area. They then had to interrogate the three suspects and use a “TechniClue” to determine who was guilty. Until the envelope was opened, the team did not know how their performance was going to end.

This team set their performance in a 1920’s black and white movie. Other than the movie curtains and signs to advertise the movie, EVERYTHING was painted black and white; including their bodies. Their skit revolved around the murder of Robert Charles the 16th, played by Tommy Mlodzik. His leftovers at a restaurant were poisoned with arsenic by either his wife, his secretary, or his girlfriend. With the use of a “Liesmograph” the two police officers, played by Marki Hietpas and Gabe Dove, interrogate the three suspects and detect who's lying by how much their hands jitter from nerves.

Our DI program is losing seven seniors this year. Quin Stuyvenberg, Jessica Boesch, Jack Delvaux, Jessica Missall, Andy Schmidt, Tommy Mlodzik, and Stevie Harlow have been involved for multiple years and wish everyone continuing the best of luck. Many of them plan on continuing the program through being judges or even starting their own teams. There are big shoes to fill in this family, so please go talk to Mr. Greuel or a member of a team if you are interested in being involved.

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