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Monday, October 3, 2016

Why Do People Take Art?

by: Peace Gorrell
As the new year started, I saw that I had Art 2 for my third block. As each day went by, I looked more and more forward to attending the class, which made sense because I took that class for my interest in art. On the other hand, as each day went by I saw others in class not as excited, not as interested in the different project we’re starting today, or the lessons we are being taught. So I started to wonder why. If I made a survey calculating why people take art classes, how many people would say they’re taking art just for the love of it, and how many take it just because they heard it was an easy class, or are there other reasons? With these questions I decided to do exactly that and make a survey.

I conducted a small survey to hopefully answer my question. My survey questioned what art class they’re in right now and the reason why they decided to take the art class. I didn’t supply options for the art class, but I did supply the options for the reasoning such as “generally interested in art and creating art”, “your other friends were taking it, you didn’t know what else to take”, or “you thought it was just an easy class.” I hypothesized that most of the results would show that people mostly took art just because it was an easy class or that they didn’t know what else to take. To my surprise the results were much different.

Out of my surveys, I found that about 77 percent of people were taking art because they are generally interested in art and creating it. Then about 15 percent said they just didn’t know what else to take, and lastly only about 8 percent said they wanted art because they thought it was just an easy class to take. I was mostly surprised by the results because I didn’t think so many people would be interested in art, and mostly people would just take it because it was an easy class. Overall, I am happy with the results, seeing how many people have a general love and appreciation for art like me and so many other people in our school and community do too.

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