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Friday, December 16, 2016

Turkey Legs 2016 Honors Mrs. Stangel

by: Logan Van Handel
Thanksgiving is a time for being generous, and that’s just what the middle schoolers were. Every year Little Chute Middle School does a turkey legs event. The teachers all take pictures of their legs and post them on a billboard in the school. Then the students bring in canned food items and put them by the legs they think is the teacher that they want to be the turkey. At the end of the week the teacher with the most cans under their name wins and has to dress up as a turkey. Once the teacher is all dressed up they have to go and stand on the street corner dancing and getting honked at. Sounds like a fun time to me.
This year the students went above and beyond on how much they donated. The school collected over 1000 cans from all four grades. Seventh grade placed 4th in the rankings with 130 cans donated. Fifth grade surpassed them for 3rd place with 331 cans. In 2nd place came 6th grade with 354 canned food items. Barely finishing 1st and earning the Golden Can Award was 8th grade, bringing in 372 cans. All of the students did a great job donating this year.
This year Mrs. Stangel won the honor of being the turkey. I asked Mrs. Stangel how it felt to be the tukey; she said, “It was very embarrassing, but I think I was a pretty good sport.” Mrs. Stangel figured since it is her last year at Little Chute it would be fitting to be turkey legs this year. Over all turkey legs was a great event that happened this year. We hope to see years like this to come.

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