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Friday, December 23, 2016

Winter Break Plans

by: Raechel Tessen
Winter Break Plans

So we all know that the holidays are just right around the corner, and this is the best time to sit and relax and enjoy the long week ahead of us not worrying about any school or homework to do.  Most of us here are going to go spend time with family, open presents, and celebrate the new year upon us! Some of us lucky ducks are doing something even more fun so I decided to ask some people what they will be doing over break and if they have any big plans going on that they are excited about.

Dora Gomm- “Snowboarding with my friends and drink coffee and cuddle and watch Christmas movies. And bake cookies, I love to make cookies over the break!”

Tristan O’Rourke- “I am going to Florida to Disneyland and can't wait to ride all of the rides. I am going to be gone for about 11 days!”

Peace Gorell- “Be with family from Arkansas; they are coming to Wisconsin. And working!”

Rachel Tessen- “I will be working off the money that I spent on Black Friday!”

Kendra Schumacher- “I’m gonna go see my grandma more, snuggle in bed and watch some Netflix, probably do some shopping, see my sister, and go to a work wedding on New Year's Eve!”

Logan Collison- “Eating lots of food, sledding, hanging out with the fam, and going to Illinois.”

Jackson Heiting- “I plan to spend time with family members I have not seen in awhile and hang out with my niece and nephew.”

Ali Torbeck- “You probably don't want to know.”

Courtney Schaefer- “um..Christmas?”

Overall, whatever you do over break, you will get to enjoy a few days off of school and some days to sleep in. Happy Holidays everyone and be safe with your winter break! See you all in 2017!

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