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Monday, February 27, 2017

Positive Role Models

by: Kara Morgan

There are so many positive role models at Little Chute High School that it’s hard to pick a couple out of all the bright smiley faces you see when you walk into our school. Little Chute High School has many great leaders and positive people. The students at Little Chute that go 110% above and beyond to make our school a warm and welcoming environment are Morgan Plueger, Corinne Schroeder, Kyra Hietpas and Jules Joosten. I interviewed each of them, and this is what they had to say.

IMG_4228.JPGJules Joosten is our freshman  positive role model, proving that you don’t just have to be an upper classman to show leadership and good qualities. Jules says that friends and family makes her most happy. She was most proud of making the varsity volleyball team as a freshman. Her friends would describe her as athletic, humble and kind. And she enjoys soccer and volleyball, and she does all this while maintaining a high GPA. She also likes to spend her time helping out friends and peers. She likes to make others feel important by reminding them that they are amazing and loved. She plans on continuing her positiveness by becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner.
IMG_4178.JPGKyra Hietpas is our sophomore positive role model. She shows the way for others and makes everyone feel wanted and important. Singing makes her most happy. She spends her free time doing music related activities. She was most proud of herself when she got the lead in the middle school play Xanadu. Three words that describe her are energetic, positive and carefree. She helps others by making sure they know she is always there to listen. Kyra makes others feel wanted and important by making people laugh when they are sad or depressed. She plans to continue spreading her positiveness by becoming an English teacher for either middle or high school.
Corinne Schroeder is our junior positive role model. Corinne is most happy when she is drawing, writing or hanging out with friends. She spends her free time doing anything to do with the arts. She is most proud of herself because of her artwork and maintaining a high GPA over her high school years despite personal challenges she has faced. Corinne is also proud of how loyal she is to her friendships. Three words that describe Corinne are creative, caring and optimistic. Corinne always looks or the positive and bright light in every dark tunnel. She helps others by listening and giving advice to them. She helps others feel important and wanted by letting them know she is there for them and that she cares. She plans to carry on her positivity by doing something with arts and creativity in the future.

IMG_4176.JPGMorgan Pluger is our senior positive role model.Morgan is most happy when she is  bringing smiles to people and making them happy just puts a smile on her face. She spends her free time enjoying soccer. She is most proud of herself for getting accepted into every single college she applied for because she worked her butt off in high school. Three words to describe her are funny, determined and unique. She plans to spread her positivity by doing something in the medical field when she is done with high school.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Texting and Driving

By: Enrique Gonzalez
Texting and Driving
According to the National Safety Council, nearly 1.6 million crashes happen each year due to cell phone use while driving. To this day, texting and driving has been one of the reasons that car accidents have happened nationwide. At least one out four car accidents are caused by cell phone use. Technology has improved tremendously and social communication is just in the palm of people's hand for everyone to access. Now there's no need to meet in real life with people in order to communicate instead people can video chat or just text each other with a smartphone. Since we as humans have the power to communicate whenever we want, using a cell phone is involved with our daily activities and things we do. And one of the things we do is driving a car since we can communicate with others at any time we are used to doing it even while we are driving, which is a big impact because it can take lives or even critically wound someone and change their life forever. Statistics shows that texting and driving is 6 times more likely to cause a car accident than drunk driving; this a high chance of someone getting into a car accident. Statistics show that in 2013 about 3,154 people were killed in distraction accidents such as texting and driving. The kinds of actions that we take can affect everyone around us. Teenagers are in danger of possibly getting into an accident if they are not taking precaution such as texting and driving. People at a younger age seem to not understand right away what is right or wrong until they face the consequences. For example, let's say a student is driving home from school and gets a message. The student decided to see the message but didn't know that he wasn't paying attention to the road. This caused him to collide with another car and the student ended up in the hospital. He knew that nothing would've happened because he always checks his phone while heading home, but this time he faced the consequences and knows that they shouldn't be doing that next time. About one-fourth of teenagers actually check their messages and respond to at least one while driving, and about 11 teenagers each day die as a result of texting and driving. There are many facts about texting and driving so that it serves as a warning to others so that no one tries to text and drive.

These are some facts that everyone should know about texting and driving because everyone would be aware of the things that could happen if they text and drive. About 43 states including D.C prohibit drivers from texting while driving. This means that even if you think you won't get caught, you are breaking a rule. It's better to not touch your phone while driving because you are putting your own life and other people's lives in danger. Another thing that people should know is that nine in ten teens expect a reply or a message every five minutes or less which causes distraction and pressure. Everyone should know that texting and driving puts pressure on people and even more pressure on those who are driving because they are focusing more on the road than anything else. This means that if a person receives a text message, they are being distracted and more pressure is put on them. It’s best to drive safe by not looking at messages that you receive while you are driving. Finally, according to AT&T's Teen Driver Survey, about 97 percent of teens agree that texting while driving is dangerous, but 43 percent of them do it anyways. This percentage might not be big to you, but 97 percent is a big number because it means that almost 100 percent of the teens who took the survey agree with texting and driving being dangerous. Meanwhile, 43 percent is still a big number for those who still do it even though they know the consequences because people in that 43 percent could lose their lives due to texting and driving. This means that people are aware of the consequences but they decide to continue to do it which means that they don't care about their own safety or others safety. Those who care about their safety and others lives, don't join the 43 percent who still text and drive even though they know that it's dangerous. These were some facts that people should know about because they would serve as a way for them to stop texting and driving. Why? Because they will now be informed about what could happen or how many states have banned it but they still do it. There are also many different ways to prevent texting while driving.
If a person were to ask someone who constantly texts about putting the phone away and not looking at messages for a few minutes, they would say it would be difficult. That's the same with not looking at messages while you are driving. People say it's difficult to not look at a message while they’re driving, but there are some ways that will help people stop texting and driving. One way would be to turn your phone on silent which is a great way to stop looking at your phone while you are driving because you don't realize that you have received a message since it's on silent. This means that there will be no more distraction unless your phone's screen lights up when you receive a message which this following tip would help with that. The second way would be to completely turn off your phone so that you don't see it light up or constantly look at it to see if you received a message. This will prevent any distractions coming from your phone so that it doesn't make a notification sound or light up. This would be a great way to just your eyes on the road and not focus on anything else. The third way would be to keep your phone out of reach so that it doesn't distract you nor will you try to reach it if you put it somewhere where you wouldn't see it. These are some things that people could do to help them stop texting while driving because once someone starts doing one of these daily, it would turn into a habit and it will help them stop texting and driving. Although these ways could help you stop texting while driving, the most important thing is to find a technique that suits you and that you will adapt to. Therefore, people should use some of these tips so that it prevents them from texting and driving.

In conclusion, these were some facts about texting and driving that people should know that will help them realize that their lives are in danger and some tips that will help them stop from texting while driving. People should not text and drive due to many deaths that have occurred due to texting while driving and because you are putting yourself in danger and others as well. They should realize that it's better to not text and drive because it's better to drive safe than putting yourself in danger due to the actions they decided to take. Cell phones are beginning to be more involved in people's lives, but they shouldn't let cell phones distract them from doing their everyday tasks and also while driving. Teenagers are also in danger of getting into a car accident because they seem like they get distracted easy and their phone usage is higher than an adult's. The facts above show that about 43 states prohibiting drivers from texting and driving because of all of the accidents that have happened and how many were due to texting and driving. This was one of the facts that should help people realize that maybe you are breaking a rule if you are driving and using your phone due to the 43 states that have prohibited drivers from doing that. One way to not get distracted by your phone while driving is to completely turn it off, but there's are many different ways stop from using your phone while driving. These were some facts about texting while driving and some tips to stop texting while driving so that the phone doesn't distract you.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Choosing Classes

by: Libby Anderson
As the end of the school year approaches, students have begun choosing their classes for the 2017-2018 school year, but there is a small situation going around. Students are choosing classes that they don’t want to take. As Mrs. Van De Yacht said to our Media Publications class, “Why take a creative writing class if you don’t want to write?” As a student I understand the struggle of choosing a class but being forced into another because they no longer offer that specific period anymore, or because there is not enough room for you to be in a class. What some parents and teachers don’t understand is why students are choosing classes that they know they won’t enjoy. What is the reasoning behind this constant struggle?
I believe one reason for this is because they don’t care or weren’t paying enough attention. Many students often choose not to look through the student handbook that is specifically located on Little Chute’s student website, which is where teachers give you brief introductions of what you will be doing in those classes. Another thing is for the students that do not particularly care about the classes that they are in; they choose the requirements, and after that they just go for whatever. That causes headaches for both students and teachers.Not only do these students usually not participate in class, but because they don’t enjoy the class they are not learning anything.
Another reason could be that students take the class because they wish to pursue a career in a particular field. It might be required for them to take a class they may not be fond of it, but they know that by taking that class it will help them further advance in their career goals. This is yet another complication for teachers. Although students may have chosen and need to take that class, many students fail to do tasks properly, and then they are doing things that do not appeal to them. These situations can lead to both late or even missing assignments that cause stress throughout the individual's small community.
Overall there are many reasons for this common mistake amongst the student population, but we together need to work at fixing this. If you do not want to take a class then don’t take it, and if you feel you have to take it GET YOUR WORK IN. It’s not an excuse to not do your work because you don’t like a class, it is your job to suck it up and work hard at being better. As Dalai Lama once said “Our prime purpose in life is to help others, and if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” Help our teachers, students, and parents by putting in some effort, and if you can’t do that don’t hurt them by not getting your stuff in.

High School Seniors Sign!

by: Leighton Myers

All parents want to see their children succeed after they graduate high school, whether that be going into the work force, the military or some type of schooling. For three athletes in particular they have done what their parents expected of them and then some. Tess Keyzers, Kyle Hietpas and myself, Leighton Myers, have all accepted athletic scholarships to play a sport at the next level. Their hard work in their sport as well as in the classrooms have given them the opportunity to do what they love at the next level.
Tess Keyzers accepted a scholarship from the University of Minnesota for Track and Field. Tess also participated in varsity volleyball and basketball, where she was a stand out as well. Track and Field was the sport that she stood out in the most. She has reached the WIAA State Track and Field Meet her first three years of high school and plans on reaching it again her senior year. She has even left with some hardware. Tess currently holds the state record for girls shot put with a throw of 47’ 3.00. That record won her her second 1st place medal in girls shot put, as she had also won the previous year. Congratulations Tess and good luck in your future!
Kyle Hietpas has accepted a scholarship from the University of North Dakota to play football. While playing basketball and participating in track and field, Kyle decided football would be the sport he plays at the next level. Kyle has excelled on the football field, earning first team all conference as a junior and senior at wide receiver and also receiving second team all conference as a defensive back. He led the conference in many receiving categories. Kyle plans on redshirting his first year then playing defensive back and returning kicks and punts the following year.
I, Leighton Myers, have accepted a scholarship from Kankakee Community College to play baseball. Going to a community college means that it is a two year school and that I will transfer out after the second year and hopefully continue my baseball career. While playing football and baseball I was able to earn second team all conference as a catcher junior year. I have also been a captain since my sophomore year. This past season I led the team in just about every offensive category. I am excited to develop some more these next two years and hopefully transfer to a school where I can continue playing baseball!

Good luck to all the other seniors whether you know what you are doing after graduation or not. Make sure you find the right fit for you and that there are no doubts about it. Enjoy the last semester of high school and congratulations to the three student athletes for signing!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Dress-Up Days are Coming!

by: Ryan Romenekso

During the week of Winterfest, March 13-17, many students show off their school spirit by participating in the various dress up days. Dressing up is a fun experience that everyone can enjoy during the school days. “Winterfest” is approaching at Little Chute high school, which means it's time to check throughout your house to find the freshest outfits for the dress up days. The dress up days are listed below.

Monday- Pajama Day

Tuesday- Salad Dressing Day
*Ranch-Cowboy, Thousand Island- Beach, Caesar- Toga, Be creative

Wednesday- What Not to Wear Day
*Funny trends that never caught on(wearing your pants backward) or looks that just don’t work

Thursday- Jersey Day

Friday- Disney Day
*This day is subject to change, depending on the boys’ basketball team

It is highly recommended that everyone participates in these dress up days because it is a very fun experience.

Poms Team Earns Two State Championships!

by: Madison VerBust

The Little Chute Dance Team recently attended Regionals at Kimberly High School the weekend of January 28th. They got Regional Champions in D4 pom, and Runner-up in D2 Kick. This team was very happy with their placements and advanced to State the following weekend. Each day of the week the girls all wore the same thing to match; this was leading up to State. The team left Friday, February 3rd right after school. Metro police escorted the team along with friends and family cheering them on their way. Saturday was a long day but also so exciting for the team. This team became D4 Pom State Champions and D2 Kick State Champions. Included with that, their two routines received the two highest scores of the whole entire session. The team celebrated their victory on Sunday when they arrived back to Little Chute. The dance team rode around on the wagon being pulled around town to celebrate their two State Championships.
I asked each senior to explain to me in one sentence how this year and state experience feels for them.
Anna Verbruggen: “The girls beside me have been the definition of a dream team. We worked hard and accomplished our goals. We also made friendships that will last a lifetime.”
Carlie Huss: “Our team had a really fun and successful season. I’m proud of all our accomplishments.”
Madison Driessen: “This season was definitely one to remember. We were very successful and we all became best friends!”
Bailey Wheeler: “ This season our team created a really strong bond with each other and we had a lot of fun. I couldn’t be anymore prouder of our accomplishments.”