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Monday, February 27, 2017

Positive Role Models

by: Kara Morgan

There are so many positive role models at Little Chute High School that it’s hard to pick a couple out of all the bright smiley faces you see when you walk into our school. Little Chute High School has many great leaders and positive people. The students at Little Chute that go 110% above and beyond to make our school a warm and welcoming environment are Morgan Plueger, Corinne Schroeder, Kyra Hietpas and Jules Joosten. I interviewed each of them, and this is what they had to say.

IMG_4228.JPGJules Joosten is our freshman  positive role model, proving that you don’t just have to be an upper classman to show leadership and good qualities. Jules says that friends and family makes her most happy. She was most proud of making the varsity volleyball team as a freshman. Her friends would describe her as athletic, humble and kind. And she enjoys soccer and volleyball, and she does all this while maintaining a high GPA. She also likes to spend her time helping out friends and peers. She likes to make others feel important by reminding them that they are amazing and loved. She plans on continuing her positiveness by becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner.
IMG_4178.JPGKyra Hietpas is our sophomore positive role model. She shows the way for others and makes everyone feel wanted and important. Singing makes her most happy. She spends her free time doing music related activities. She was most proud of herself when she got the lead in the middle school play Xanadu. Three words that describe her are energetic, positive and carefree. She helps others by making sure they know she is always there to listen. Kyra makes others feel wanted and important by making people laugh when they are sad or depressed. She plans to continue spreading her positiveness by becoming an English teacher for either middle or high school.
Corinne Schroeder is our junior positive role model. Corinne is most happy when she is drawing, writing or hanging out with friends. She spends her free time doing anything to do with the arts. She is most proud of herself because of her artwork and maintaining a high GPA over her high school years despite personal challenges she has faced. Corinne is also proud of how loyal she is to her friendships. Three words that describe Corinne are creative, caring and optimistic. Corinne always looks or the positive and bright light in every dark tunnel. She helps others by listening and giving advice to them. She helps others feel important and wanted by letting them know she is there for them and that she cares. She plans to carry on her positivity by doing something with arts and creativity in the future.

IMG_4176.JPGMorgan Pluger is our senior positive role model.Morgan is most happy when she is  bringing smiles to people and making them happy just puts a smile on her face. She spends her free time enjoying soccer. She is most proud of herself for getting accepted into every single college she applied for because she worked her butt off in high school. Three words to describe her are funny, determined and unique. She plans to spread her positivity by doing something in the medical field when she is done with high school.

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