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Friday, March 17, 2017

Basketball State

by: Mataan Omar
State is where it goes down. It is the best two teams in each division that play each other for the championship. Where the best passing, best shooting and best handles all come together in a hard fought battle for the sought after state championship title. One of the teams there that has made an impressive showing has been Xavier. Even though the Mustangs suffered a tough loss to the Hawks, they have won their semi final game against the once undefeated Ripon Tigers. With Hunter Plamann and Sam Ferris’s combined scores totaled 50 of Xavier’s 81 total. Another hard fought semi final battle was between Prescott (23-3) and Lake Mills (24-2) with Prescott coming out with a substantial win of 74-67. The last semifinal game that didn’t quite make the spotlight was a story of how sometimes not all underdogs can come out on top with Roncolli getting demolished by Destiny 71-54. With the following state games right around the corner, people wait anxiously to see who succeeds and who gets their hopes crushed in the most exciting stage of boys basketball. Xavier now has to take on Prescott to be crowned state champions.  

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