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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Boys Volleyball

by: Keenan Stevens

Volleyball, a sport that when most people are asked about it, they think of girls playing, and that it’s a girls’ sport. Just like when you think of football, you think of a guy playing. But both sports can be played by both genders. Seven percent of people say that volleyball is designed for women because there are more men’s sports out there than women's sports. Other sources say, yes, more schools should have a boys volleyball team, which gives the school another shot at glory.

Boys volleyball has been becoming more popular over the years nationwide and is actually being well followed by the students and the school and other fans. I talked to Isaiah Ness from Kimberly High School who finished their Volleyball season at 10-4 in conference, I asked him if it feels any different being a boys volleyball player; he said “A little bit… You don't get as much attention as football or other big fall sports.” Then I asked him if anyone ever tries to tell him that it’s a girls sport, and he said. “I have had people tell me that, usually I just tell them to come watch and they gain more respect when they see guys 6 feet and taller jumping and getting their hand up to 11 feet high.”

Boys volleyball is very overlooked, but that doesn't stop the players from going out and competing and doing what they enjoy. Volleyball is a sport and whether it is  a boy or girl playing, the sport is played by people that love what they're doing so boys volleyball should also be accepted.

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