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Monday, March 13, 2017

Ms. Stangel

by: Clayton Franzke

Not many students know that our Library Media Director, Mrs. Stangel will be retiring at the end of the year. So as a last hurrah, we'll recap the time that Mrs. Stangel has been with us at LCASD. I asked her a few questions to find some things about her.

How were your first years like? “My first few years were a learning experience. It took me awhile to get the hang of everything. Anyone starting out in a new job should know that it is OK to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. And I think I did.”

My second question was, When did you start teaching? “I started teaching in 1981 in Catholic schools. I was a fifth grade teacher. In 1985, I worked as an aide in the 1st grade at Little Chute Elementary School. In 1986, I was hired as the middle school Library Media Specialist. In 2002, I took on the high school library, and in 2011, I was put in charge of the elementary library, too.”

Most memorable moments at LCASD? “My most memorable moments include so many moments with students.  I especially enjoyed Battle of the Books at the middle school (formerly called Reading Olympics.) I am really going to miss helping students and getting to chat with them every day.”

Finally, any advice or last words for students? “Advice: Make the most of your high school years by giving your best effort. Try different things and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Make friends with people who are both like you, and also those who are different than you are. Be kind to everyone. No doubt there will be some disappointments and maybe even some hurt. Let this roll off of your back. High school flies by much more quickly than you realize and there will be so many more life experiences for you down the road. You have much to look forward to.”

So as me being a writer, Mrs. Stangel, we as LCASD students, teachers, janitors, and other professions, we thank you for being our Library Media Director, and I hope your retirement will be fun and relaxing.

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