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Monday, May 22, 2017

Global Warming

by: Enrique Gonzalez

According to a 2007 report by the IPCC, the sea levels will rise from 7-23 inches by the end of the century due to global warming. There are many reasons why global warming is happening and why this Earth could be in danger. Global warming results in the Earth surface temperature increasing due to greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane. We need these gasses for the presence of humans, but the emittance of these gasses is what's causing global warming. The emissions of gasses such as methane, carbon dioxide, and many other greenhouse gasses will remain in our atmosphere making the temperature warmer for several decades. This is why it’s impossible for humans to get rid of global warming. Also, we can’t get gasses out of our atmosphere to prevent global warming. Since 1818, the temperature has increased 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature keeps rising, then ice glaciers will melt, and arctic animals will have nowhere to live and possibly become extinct. Ocean levels will increase because of the melting glaciers. The idea of global warming started in 1896 when a Swedish scientist claimed that fossil fuel combustion may eventually result in global warming. He proposed the relation between the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and how temperature might be increasing. This was the first time someone had ever thought of the idea of global warming and what might be causing it. Some say that the Arctic is one of the worst places to be affected by global warming because if glaciers melt then the water levels will rise. There are many places that are also being affected at this moment.

There are many places that are being affected by global warming, one of those places is the Montana Glacier Park. This park only has 25 glaciers instead of 150 that were there in the year 1910. Another place that is being affected is the Alps, which is one of the most famous mountain ranges in Europe, this place has been a tourist hotspot and is famous for their top-notch ski resorts. Temperatures in the Alps have been steadily rising since the 19th century from an average year temperature of 49.3 degrees F in the late 1800’s to today's average of 51.4 degrees F. These are just two of the many places that are targeted the most by global warming, not only places are being affected by global warming, but also animals are. Some of these animals are polar bears, snow leopards, tigers, and much more.These animals are in danger of becoming extinct and these animals would become rare to have on planet Earth if this keeps on happening. Sea levels will rise flooding the coastal areas of the United States or any country which will cause havoc and flood many of the coastal states. Sea levels have risen about 7 inches in the last 100 years and is more than the previous 2000 years combined which is a threat for the people living in the coastal areas. Scientists say that by 2040, the Arctic would be completely ice free due to the Arctic ice melting rapidly, this could even happen earlier. Global warming is something really bad that is harming the Earth in many ways such as, killing animals, endangering species, affecting our glacial areas, and much more. Not only are the coastal areas in danger but Europe is also in danger. Scientists say that global warming will alter the ocean conveyor belt which will cause a mini ice age in Europe. The ocean has also been affected by global warming over the years. The oceans have absorbed a lot of the increased heat which is causing glaciers to melt. Scientists say that about 700 meters of the ocean's temperature has increased by 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit in 1969. If this keeps continuing then the ocean temperatures will keep increasing thus causing more natural disasters because of the high temperatures and decreasing low-temperature disasters. All of these not only would affect the Earth but it would also affect everyone else on Earth, eventually, Earth would be a non living place for everyone living on this planet. In my opinion, I think that we should take care more of this planet because this is the only place we have to live in at this moment. If humans ever decide to move to other planets such as Mars, I think we would destroy that planet like we did with Earth. At this point we can't go back and do anything about global warming and we can't reverse it either, but we can slow it down if we do something about it.

Some solutions to this problem would be to drive a fuel efficient car like electric vehicles that save gas and money, buying better light bulbs like LED light bulbs that use up to 80% less energy, they are cheaper, and a 10 watt light bulb replaces the traditional 60 watt bulb and will save you about 125 dollars and conserve energy. Another way would be to eat all the food that you eat, about 40 percent of all the foods that are packaged and processed tend to end up in the landfill instead of being all eaten. These were some causes of global warming, some places that are being affected, and some ways that we can slow it down or possibly stop it. Next time you don't finish your food you buy and eat, think about how it will affect this planet  if you just throw it away.

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