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Monday, May 1, 2017

Little Chute Senior Salutes

By: Madison VerBust
This year, the class of 2017 has three male students joining the service to help our country. The three are Samuel Craig, Dominic Johnson, and Steven Beyer. Dominic is joining the Navy, and the other two are joining the Marines. Not many people have the courage to join the service and defend our country. These three men will be looked up to by many people and need to be recognized and thanked many times for what they are doing. I have asked the three questions about joining the service.
-Was there a specific reason why you joined the service?
  • Sam- “Because I was interested in it, I can do cool things and go to cool places.”
  • Dominic- “I'm joining the military for the opportunity to travel and because I believe in doing a service to my country and my community. I didn't want to go to college straight out of high school because I wanted to think more about what I want to make a career out of.”
  • Steven- “Because my great grandpa was a Marine and I want to be the best.”
-When did you know for sure you wanted to join?
  • Sam- “Always have wanted to do it, but didn’t know for sure until last December.”
  • Dominic- “I thought about joining the military for a while, but it wasn't until I talked to a recruiter shortly after my 18th birthday that I decided I would go through with it. I enlisted on October 25th, 2016.”
  • Steven- “I knew just from coming out of elementary school.”

These three guys are going to be out and fighting for our country. They are going to travel the world and visit awesome places that some of us will never go. They are volunteering their time and life to help and serve our country. They deserve everything for what they are doing for us. That is called courage.

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