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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wellness Day

by: Clayton Franzke
Wellness day is the one of the days where class periods are shorter. Everyone does a group event and a few electives that each student chose beforehand. The day starts like normal with the classes in the morning and the event in the other half of the school day. That is what this short article will be about and the experiences everyone had.

The first thing that happened was we went to the field to do the group event, The Great Mustang Outdoor Challenge, where each PAC from the same grade will compete for first place. The first stretch was a blindfold piggyback race, a piggyback race while the runner was blind, which led to a few crashes. The next stretch was a cup relay, to pour water into the cup behind you. The next part was to find a gummy worm in whip cream with only your mouth.

The second half of the race was a magic carpet ride, where four students carried a fifth person on a blanket to a checkpoint where they would switch into a different formation. Then a wheelbarrow race, into a relay race where you got dressed to get ready for the beach.Then you got to the checkpoint, where the next person would take the tube, pool noodle, hat, glasses, and other things and run to the next person.

Between events Mr. Bird, Mrs. Hietpas, and Mr. Van Eperen got their hair shaved for cancer research. After that the students went to their chosen classes which can be anything, such as drawing or yoga. After it all, at the end of the day most people had fun, except most seniors due to them staying up late the night before. I hope that this event happens every year and remains a school tradition.

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