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Monday, October 23, 2017

Behind the Scenes

by: Megan Lonigro
Homecoming week is a crazy, exciting week preparing for the big dance on Saturday. The students come to school dressed up to help boost the school spirit for the week. A couple nights of the week, there are also after school events that the students are encouraged to attend such as Girls Powder Puff, Boys Volleyball, Homecoming Court Coronation, the parade, and the football game. Most of the planning and behind the scenes work is done by a school club known as Student Council. Student Council, some may know it as Student Government, is a student led club who votes, makes decisions, and plans upcoming events. It is supervised by Mrs. Scheeler, who keeps everyone on track and helps tremendously with everything the club needs to accomplish. Student Council, with the help of others such as the staff, put on the entire homecoming week. That includes picking the dress up days, planning and putting on the outside events, advertising all of the events/days, and putting on the school’s pep assembly. Without Student Council, homecoming week would not be possible. Thank you, Student Council!

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