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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Traditions

By Megan Lonigro

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by a lot of different families across the country, each family celebrating Thanksgiving in a slightly different way. Even in a school as small as Little Chute Area School District, there are special traditions that makes everyone’s holiday their own. One student from each grade of our high school shared their special traditions and what their favorite part about Thanksgiving is.
Morgan Trzebiatowski, a freshman at Little Chute Career Pathways Academy, loves Thanksgiving because it is one of the only times she gets to see her extended family. Together they watch football and play board games. Morgan says, “Every Thanksgiving, I walk the Turkey Trot with my friend. Then my family and I go to my aunt's house and have a Thanksgiving meal.” Her family’s usual Thanksgiving meal contains of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and much more!
Sophomore in the high school, Jordan Lonigro goes to both grandparents’ houses over the week of Thanksgiving. At each, there is a huge Thanksgiving meal and all of her family gets together. “After the meal, normally my siblings, cousins, and I go play games while the parents clean up the meal,” says Jordan. “Everyone comes back together for dessert and we all say what we’re thankful for.” Jordan really enjoys Thanksgiving because of the variety of food and because her family is all together, which does not happen often.
Another LCCPA student, Matt Sanderfoot goes to his uncle’s house every Thanksgiving. His family has lived all over the country, but every Thanksgiving they all meet up in Kimberly and spend time together. His family watches a lot of football together, as well as even playing a game of football in the backyard. “It can get pretty interesting considering we play in a tiny yard and everyone is at least 6 feet tall,” Matt says. His favorite part of Thanksgiving is spending time with his family and playing football because he is “always the most energetic one in the game”.
Last but not least, Little Chute High School senior, Mitchell Fontecchio also gets together with his family for Thanksgiving. His entire family of about eighteen come over to his house and each bring a dish to share. His mom always makes two turkeys, one cooked in the smoker and one cooked in the oven. Mitchell says, “Another thing we do every year is draw names for our Christmas gift exchange and we also watch the movie Christmas Vacation.”  This is Mitchell’s favorite time of year for the reason of him being able to get together with his family and see everyone.

Thanksgiving is very looked forward to by most students at Little Chute Area School District . Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving a little differently, even our four students here at LCHS/LCCPA! Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy your special traditions!

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