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Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 Winter Band Concert

by Mckenzye Wymer

The LCHS Symphonic band is having their annual winter concert December 11 on a Monday.The Symphonic band is playing two pieces at the winter concert, one of them being Radetzky March and the other one being the Canadian Brass Christmas. The Radetzky March is a very popular in Austria normally played around the New Year celebration. In Austria the Radetzky March is a very cultural piece. The whole audience claps with the beat of the song, as the conductor joins along with them. The second piece is called A Canadian Brass Christmas. This piece has many smaller parts in the music inside this piece is ´We saw Three Ships¨ and ´Huron Carroll´. This piece is very interesting to listen to as you can hear the brass section have the melody instead of the woodwinds. Instead of the loud and vibrant feel of the Radetzky March, this piece is slow and steady.  The LCHS Symphonic band conductor also known as Natalie Beck has been helping all the sections to help, critique and get everyone more confident in themselves to play these difficult pieces. This year's band concert is going to be held at Lawrence University this year, along with the choir concert. The LCHS band was able to do this by an anonymous donation. If you are willing to spend only two hours of your time to support our hardworking choir and band on December the 11th, we hope to see you there!

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