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Monday, December 11, 2017

Student of the Week

by Mckenzye Wymer

Adrianna Marshall has been recognized for her amazing artwork. Adrianna is normally seen in the art room working on her art project for the class or just practicing new techniques.  She has always been into art ever since she came to this school. She is also very helpful if anyone has a question about their artwork, or they just need her opinion.  Adrianna had agreed to let me interview her, and she gave really amazing answers.

1. When did you realize that you wanted to pursue the art field?
I never really had a realization moment, itś always been in my life so I´ve always been accustomed to it. However, freshman year I really expanded my techniques and styles of art to a point where I thought I could actually do something with my life around art.

2.  If you had to pick one which project are you most happy with?
Itś really hard to pick a project Iḿ most happy with because Iḿ always finding mistakes in what I do, but, I probably would pick either my Mad Hatter drawing, skull pastel piece, or the piece Iḿ currently working on, an ink stippling (dot) koi fish.

3. Is there anything you would change about any of your artworks?
If I could change anything I probably change my detail work. For example, with the Mad Hatter drawing, I didn´t put as much detail into the face and hair that I wanted to so it isn't the best quality that I think I could have done.

4.  If you could say anything to someone who is starting to get into art what would it be?
Don´t give up and don´t pressure yourself, art is a way of relieving stress, not making it. Also, there will always be someone who does a different art style than you, it doesn´t make them better than you, you just have to find your style and keep practicing, youĺl get there!

5.  Can you see yourself continuing with your artwork in the future?
I can see myself continuing with art in the future, I might actually pursue a career in art too, however, I don´t know what exactly what. If by chance I choose a way different career area I´d still try to work with art in my free time.

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