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Friday, January 5, 2018

Environmental Club

By: Lexington Halase

The Little Chute High School Environmental Club has had a strong start the 2017-2018
school year with 35 members! The club is led by advisor, Mr. Rankin, and their club board
Stephanie Serrato, President, Nicole Plutz, Fundraising Coordinator, and Melina Bakken,
Secretary and Media Coordinator. These three board members and their advisor help lead
meetings, plan events, organize fundraisers, and keep track of profits and attendance.
The club’s members have been working very hard during the first few months of the school
year. In October, the club had a Halloween Fundraiser where students could purchase
miniature pumpkins, gourds, and bags of candy to celebrate the spooky season. With having
the products donated by the Rankin family and not having to pay much out of pocket
for supplies, the club made a total of $107.25! This total will go into the club fund in order to
help pay for the end of the year camping trip in May, which is a fun time for the club members
to celebrate a successful year and enjoy the great outdoors! Aside from this fundraiser, the
club has also been working on collecting old ink cartridges and recycling them back to
companies for a profit. While there isn’t a total amount of money received available yet, it
is expected for the club to make quite a bit of money off of these recycled cartridges.
With the fundraisers going on, the club has also found time every Friday during terms two
and three to take out recycling for teachers. This ensures that the materials needed to be
recycled get recycled and don’t end up being thrown out. Plus, it helps keep rooms tidier.
Along with this, our club’s board and advisor are working with the school board in order to
start a lunchroom recycling program for the elementary school to help all of the young
students learn about recycling early on in life and preventing the build-up of recyclables in
the trash system. The club has been very busy working on all of these current and past
With the success of the club’s projects early on in the year, there are more plans in the
making for fundraisers and events in the future! There is a bake sale planned for the month of
January, a Valentine’s Day fundraiser, and a flower sale for Mother’s Day. Along with these planned
fundraisers, the club also participates in events planned for Earth Week, which will be April 16
through April 20 of 2018. Events include highway cleanup, sidewalk chalking, and a movie night!
For more information about future events and what the club is all about, stayed tuned on the
Environmental Club section of the Rankin Station website:


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