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Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Break Plans

by: Clare Hietpas

Students and faculty at LCHS are getting ready for the holiday break. Everyone is getting excited for the vacation days to come. I went around the school and talked to a few kids from each grade and some faculty members and asked them about their holiday break plans.

Aly Myers is a senior here at LCHS, and she has a few things planned for her holiday break. The first thing is spending time with her friends and family. She also plans to do a lot of shopping over the break, as well as drive around with friends to look at Christmas lights in the area.

Senior Mitch Vanden Heuvel plans on doing quite a few things over his holiday break. He plans to go skiing as well as hang out with friends. Also during his free time he plans to work on scholarships for college.
image (7).jpeg
Junior Ellie Mueller has an exciting tradition to continue over the break. Mueller’s family, as well as a few other families, pick out ugly Christmas trees for each other every year. Over the break the families go around and see how they decorated their ugly tree for the season. Besides continuing a friend and family tradition, she plans to go ice skating with friends and spend time with her family.

Carson Mara, a junior at LCHS, plans to really enjoy the holiday break. He is going to visit his grandparents who live out of town and also spend a lot of time with his friends. Also during break he plans to eat a lot of Christmas cookies.

Sophomore Charlie Hietpas has a pretty relaxed break ahead of him. He plans to do the usual, eat and sleep a lot. Besides that he plans to attend a lot of Christmas parties over the break.

Sophomore Olivia Hermsen also has a pretty relaxed break ahead of her. Besides heading to basketball practice over the break she also plans to visit and spend time with her family. During her time off she plans to eat Christmas candy all the time.

Freshman Matthew Sanderfoot also has an eventful holiday break. He plans to hang out with his friends, as well as his family. Sanderfoot will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day surrounded by all of his family. Lastly, he plans to watch a lot of football with his time off. 

Kyra Hietpas, a freshman here at LCHS, has a few ideas in mind when it comes to the holiday break. The first thing is that she plans to spend time with her brothers since they are all going to be home for the holidays. She also plans to go sledding, as well as go to a Christmas party with her friends.

Mr. Krueger has a lot planned for his holiday break. He plans to spend a tremendous amount of time with friends and family. He also said that his son Kaden will keep him very busy with basketball, and they will also be trying to help their oldest son figure out which college he will attend. Krueger also said, “Exercising to make up for all of the joyous celebrations will also be on the docket.”

IMG_8903.JPGMrs. King(Lawrence) also has quite an exciting holiday break planned. She plans to spend a lot of time with family: her mom, husband, kids, and her brother’s family who lives in Seattle. On Christmas Eve her family plans on going to a candle light service, out for Chinese food and then drive around looking at lights while listening to Christmas music along the way! Lastly, she plans to read two books and watch some Netflix with her free time.

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