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Monday, October 17, 2016

What People Do After School: Jobs

by: Natalie O'Brien

Every day all around Little Chute, many teens head to work. Some jobs will hire people at the youngest age of 14, but most jobs will hire someone at the age of 16.  The questions I asked these four people were,  “How would you describe this job?”, “What is the fun part about working at that job?”, “How long have you been working there?”, and “Is this job easy or difficult, and what is the age that they start hiring at?”  The four people I interviewed were pretty happy I took a minute out of their time to be asking these questions to them.

IMG_2019.JPG One day I decided to stop by Culvers to ask if one of the workers would like to be interviewed. I asked, and Hannah Robinson said that she was beyond excited to get interviewed by me. Her first answer was, “I would describe this job as the best job in the world, because I get to work with a great crew, meet new guests, and serve quality food to the community.”  She just loves working and making ice cream for little kids and making the kids smile.  Hannah has been working at Culver's since January 25, 2016. Hannah believes this job is easy for her and is always motivated to provide good food and a great environment for guests.   

IMG_1991.PNG The next job site I visited was Piggly Wiggly, where I interviewed Nicole Geiger. When I asked her the same four questions, she was beyond happy to get interviewed. When Nicole responded to my first question, she  said, “The job is  fast-paced and sometimes stressful because I have to bag for many people when we're busy.” Then Nicole also said, “The fun part about working at Piggly Wiggly is working and talking to the customers.” Nicole Geiger has only been working at Piggly Wiggly for a month and a half. Her final answer to my question was, “It can be stressful at times, but I keep my cool. Some customers are harder to please than others.  We sometimes run into problems, but we deal with them as best as we can; the age is 15 to start working there.”

FullSizeRender.jpgMy next stop was Mcdonalds, and the person I  asked to interview was Klaudia Lamers.  Now Klaudia was pretty happy when I asked her about these four simple questions. She said, “This job is fun, upbeat with the people, and can be stressful when you have too many in the drive thru, but this job is pretty decent.” She said,  “The part about working at Mcdonalds is getting to know your co-workers pretty well and meeting new people.” Klaudia Lamers has been working there for  three months. The age they start hiring is at fourteen, and this job can be easy at times but also difficult too. It’s not too bad, she says, but it can get tiring if it gets busy in there or if the workers start yelling at you. This job is fun, and she enjoys working there with her co-workers.
My final stop was at a place called Sky Zone. It is a trampoline park where you get to  enjoy jumping around with your friends and family. The person I had interviewed was Olivia Hughes. Olivia said, “This job is pretty fun and energetic and really cool.” Her favorite part about working at Sky Zone is meeting all the people or the workers, and she enjoys watching the kids jump and laugh with their friends or family. Olivia has been working there since December of 2015, and she said, “This job can be difficult at times. The reasons are that you need to deal with te parents a lot and their children too. The parents are the bigger deal because how they might get mad at something and you need to help them without getting that stress.” But she also included Sky Zone can be easy at times, if the people know what they are doing and if it’s not too crazy busy here.

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