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Monday, February 13, 2017

Dress-Up Days are Coming!

by: Ryan Romenekso

During the week of Winterfest, March 13-17, many students show off their school spirit by participating in the various dress up days. Dressing up is a fun experience that everyone can enjoy during the school days. “Winterfest” is approaching at Little Chute high school, which means it's time to check throughout your house to find the freshest outfits for the dress up days. The dress up days are listed below.

Monday- Pajama Day

Tuesday- Salad Dressing Day
*Ranch-Cowboy, Thousand Island- Beach, Caesar- Toga, Be creative

Wednesday- What Not to Wear Day
*Funny trends that never caught on(wearing your pants backward) or looks that just don’t work

Thursday- Jersey Day

Friday- Disney Day
*This day is subject to change, depending on the boys’ basketball team

It is highly recommended that everyone participates in these dress up days because it is a very fun experience.

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