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Monday, October 30, 2017

2017 Homecoming Pep Assembly

by: Hannah Robinson and Breanna Fritsch
Homecoming week is an exciting time for Little Chute High School.  From Powderpuff to Boys Volleyball, there are a variety of events for everyone to take part in.  However, out of all of these Homecoming activities, the students really show their school spirit at the long-awaited pep assembly.
The LCHS pep assembly is held on the Friday of Homecoming week, which is always full of energy because the students are hyped up for the Homecoming dance the next day.  The pep assembly is planned by the school’s Student Council, which is a group of responsible, creative individuals who take charge of Homecoming week and lead the students throughout it.  The pep assembly’s popularity is due to its inclusion of informative sports biographies and silly games.  While LCHS has had some great pep assemblies over the years, this year’s pep assembly is now the one to beat.
The pep assembly began at 2:00 p.m. on the afternoon of October 6th, which meant an early dismissal from school for the students.  Sporting blue and white clothes for Mustang Day, the bleachers were jam-packed with students from all grades.  While sports teams do get recognition throughout the afternoon, the real showstoppers are the entertaining games that are unique only to the Homecoming pep assembly.  With seniors Will Berens and Matt Reynebeau as our MC’s, the event began with student cheers and funny jokes.
The first event at the pep assembly was the “Minute to Win it” game. Each grade had two players compete, and two staff members represented the faculty team.  The game consisted of four events.  In the first round, one member of each team smeared vaseline over his or her face.  Their partner threw cotton balls at the vasoline in an attempt to make it stick.  Once it did, the players moved on to the next round.  In the second round, players attached Kleenex boxes filled with ping pong balls to their waists.  The goal of the game was to shake the box and get all the ping pong balls out of it.  Wheelbarrowing to the finish line, the faculty won the game!
     The second and perhaps most highly anticipated event was bubble ball.  We’ve been playing this game for the past couple of years, and it has been a fan favorite since its introduction at LCHS pep assemblies.  The game consists of ten players, all of which wear inflatable, clear balls as their “armor” and compete in a soccer match.  Bubble ball is exciting to watch because the spherical players, not used to their large size, often bump into each other and tip over.  The inflatable ball protects the player’s fall, making it not only entertaining for the viewers, but fun for the participants.  Several minutes and several scores later, the game came to a close.
Following bubble ball was the second session of “Minute to Win it”.  The first round was cleverly called “Elephant Dance.”  First, both players for each team put a pair of nylons on their head.  The catch was that each pair of nylons had tennis balls inside.  The goal of the game was for the player to swing the nylons and successfully knock down four water bottles to move onto the next round.  Round two was called “Cookie Face”.  In this game, each player placed an Oreo cookie on their forehead and then wiggled his or her face to get the cookie into their mouth.  This proved difficult to the players, especially considering the fact that they were not allowed to use their hands.  In the final round, each team had two bowls in front of them.  One bowl had five ping pong balls in it and the other was empty.  The goal of the game was for the players to use spoons, held in their moves, to pick up the ping pong balls and move them to the empty bowl.  Once they had finished, the last step was to wheelbarrow to the finish line.  This time, the seniors played well and got the win.
The last and arguably most exciting event this year was the first annual senior versus faculty dance off.  The two teams battled it out to see who could better impress the judges, high school principal Mr. Bird and senior Jake VanderWyst.  Each team had three rounds of 30-second dances including styles ranging from hip hop to jazz.  Both the seniors and the faculty gave great performances, clearly demonstrating to us that they put in lots of hard work over the past few weeks practicing and perfecting their routines.  By the third round, the teams were becoming more competitive and the routines more impressive.  Because of this, the judges were having a hard time deciding who was the best.  Naturally, the problem was resolved with a rap battle between teacher Mr. Rankin and senior Matt Reynebeau.  Both rappers amazed us all with their improvisation, quick words, and funny dances moves.  However, in the end, Mr. Rankin wasn’t able to keep up with Matt’s killer talent.  Mr. Rankin dropped the microphone in defeat and the seniors won the battle.  The senior section exploded with applause, and the faculty did their best to deal with the loss.  The senior versus faculty dance off definitely proved to be an entertaining event and will undoubtedly be included in future pep assemblies.

This year’s LCHS Homecoming pep assembly was an improvement from last year’s.  Combing hilarious events, random rap battles, and incredible amounts of school spirit, this pep assembly is undeniably going to go down in Little Chute High School history.

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