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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lunch Plans?

by; Brady Weigman

At this moment many of the Little Chute High School students are preparing for the new Taco Bell opening. This new restaurant will be on Freedom Road and will attract many communities that surround Little Chute.Some pretty solid rumors say the restaurant is opening at 10:00 in the morning on January 15th, which is on Friday. As some people may know, many of the Little Chute students go out to other Taco Bells, which are located on North Richmond Street and College Avenue. A lot of these students go that far to get Taco Bell because it is cheap and perfect for students. So when this Taco Bell opens up the students that can't drive can walk five minutes down the street to get some Taco Bell. Another reason it's good for the students is so they don't have to drive as far and waste gas because there will be a Taco Bell a couple blocks away from the school. Senior, Elias Pirkey says, “I'm very excited for the new Taco Bell because it makes it really easy to decide what to eat for lunch.” Also, sophomore Lucas Montag says, “I am very excited for the new Taco Bell opening because it is a new place to go with friends to hang out.”
This new Taco Bell will also attract many people from basketball tournaments that go on at the high school because it is a fast and cheap food joint. And Taco Bell is not only known for their lunch and dinner; they are also known for their breakfast. So if you didn't eat before your basketball tournament, they can stop at Taco Bell and grab a breakfast burrito. Another way Taco Bell will attract people is after the middle school and high school dances. Many people will stop at Taco Bell because the dances end late at night when all other restaurants are closed besides Taco Bell, which closes past midnight. So if you ever stop in Little Chute you might want to check out the new Taco Bell coming January 15th.

P.S. Mrs. Maass says there isn't any excuses for being late if you go to Taco Bell Friday, January 15th.

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