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Monday, February 29, 2016

Winter Fashion

by: Allie Glaser

As the weather gets colder, students all over LCHS are finding new ways to stay warm while at school.  Here are just a few popular trends that you can see around the halls:

Tall socks: These socks can be found in many different styles and colors, to match with outfits or just stay warm.  From fuzzy to ruffles, these socks have become a big hit around the school.

Vests: Puffy vests are a popular item for both boys and girls.  They are a wonderful way to layer outfits and keep warm on those cold days.

Scarves: Scarves have been an versatile accessory for many years.  This year plaid scarves have become a cute way to accessorize and stay warm.  

FullSizeRender.jpgFlannels:  Flannels have become a great way to layer outfits, and “Flannel Friday” has become a popular day to show off everyone’s different flannels.

Vera Bradley:  A new trend in bags has come out this year; Vera Bradley creates a fun and unique way to carry everything a student could need during their day at school.
Basketball Shorts: Despite the freezing temperatures, many boys are stilling wearing their basketball shorts.  I asked Brandon Hietpas why he chooses not to wear pants, and he responded with: “Every weather is shorts weather.”   

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