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Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Traditions

by: Logan Collison

As Thanksgiving and Black Friday festivities come to a close, that means Christmas is right around the corner, and with Christmas comes Christmas traditions. I asked some students from different grades and our very own tech master Demetrios Green what their favorite holiday festivities are.
IMG_9483.JPGThe first student I talked to, Matt Reynebeau, was asked what types of holiday traditions he and his family enjoy taking part in. One of his favorites is putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it with lots of ornaments and tinsel and putting on his ornament that he made in fourth grade. Baking sugar cookies with family and frosting them is another fam favorite, along with hanging lights outside the house, making it glow in the dark and frosty nights. I’ll leave you with this quote from Matt himself: “Christmas is about what you give, not what you receive.”
IMG_9484.JPGTaking it to the senior class, our very own Madison Driessen has a different spin on Christmas traditions. She and her family start off by going to her grandma’s house, and they enjoy spiral ham and other tasty dishes while opening presents. Staying on the food theme, Madison and her siblings enjoy their mom’s huge 16” pumpkin pie and eat it until they can’t eat anymore according to Maddie. Lastly, on Christmas Eve they all open one present before heading to bed to see what other goodies Santa brought them in the morning.
IMG_9482.JPGIn our tech department Demetrios Green loves Christmas time for some of the seasonal food items that only come around this time of the year. Starting with a spiral ham covered in a pineapple glaze that his mom makes, and to wash it all down he enjoys what he calls an Orange Julius, which is eggnog with orange juice in it. After eating is over, he and his family pop on their ugly Christmas sweaters and exchange white elephants and see what useless fun items this year brings about.
IMG_9490.JPG Freshman Joe Scheeler loves putting up Christmas lights and hanging up homemade decorations made by our very Mrs. Scheeler, the master of the glitter and glue gun. Before heading to church on Christmas Eve, he and his family open up one present to curb some of that pre Christmas excitement. As they unwrap presents they enjoy the tasty holiday treat of homemade peanut butter balls.     

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