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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Best Study Spots Around LC

By Nicole Plutz

Everyone loves a great spot to buckle down and get their homework done or study for an upcoming test. Whether it is with a study group or by yourself, it is always a good idea to have a great spot to go to for a study session. Each person has their own studying habits that work best. Depending on where you are, these habits can be different. Many students like to study at home because that is where they feel the most comfortable, but sometimes it is also nice to be able to get out of the house to study. There are many places in and around Little Chute where you can go to study and still be able to focus. One can study best when they feel comfortable in the environment and are able to focus on what they need to get done or understand. The following are the spots that many find to be great study areas for all students.
Seth’s Coffee is a great place to go by yourself or with a small group in order study and do homework. The environment is always comfortable and welcoming with many spots around the cafe which allows you to find the spot that is perfect for you.  A perk of this study spot is if you get hungry or are in need of a coffee, it is right there for you. There are a variety of things that you can order without having to leave your study spot to do so. Seth’s Coffee is open until nine o’clock, Monday through Thursday, which widens the time frames that you are able to go in for a study session, especially for those who work or are in sports after the school day.
Another great study spot is the Kaukauna Public Library. This is a quiet place that is great for students that need a more quiet environment in order to study. There are plenty of spots throughout the library where you can find a place that is best for the way that you work. There is a lot of open space to fit study groups or for you to be able to have your own space to work without having to worry about disrupting those around you, or them disrupting you. The Kaukauna Public Library also has free, public wifi access available for those in the building which allows students to be able to do what they need to complete online as well. Monday through Thursday, the library is open until eight o’clock which gives one options for the times that they want to go to this particular study spot.
The Little Chute Public Library is another spot that is great for studying. It is open until either five o’clock or eight o’clock depending on the day and has public wifi access for all library guests. There are spots in the library for different age groups which allows for many different environments within one place. If you are one that needs to have it quiet in order to focus then there is a section for just that, but if you are one that likes to have more social interaction while studying then there is an area for you in the library as well. At the Little Chute Public Library, there are also many resources for all guests to use, such as access to ten different databases for research.
Copper Rock is a little farther away but is yet one more great study spot. At Copper Rock, there is space to fit study groups and also space for individual studying. During the week, it is open until nine o’clock which provides you with the flexibility to go in when you feel like studying. There are also a variety of coffee and tea drinks along with many food options if you need to reboot your brain while studying. They also have free wifi for all customers while they are there. With its comfortable and relaxing environment, Copper Rock is a perfect place for studying or getting your work done.  
A great place to go during the day when you have time off from class or when you just need an area to work is the high school LMC. In the LMC, there is space for group work and for individual studying. This provides for a very open and enjoyable environment for all, but is still a site where you can be very productive and get your work done.

All of these places are great spots to seek out if you are in need of a great place to study. They are all fairly close to Little Chute which makes them easy to go to whenever you feel like studying. The next time you need to study for a big test or simply want a comfortable spot to do your work consider going to one of these great study spots.

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