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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting Ready for Graduation

by: Clayton Franke

Now the clock begins to tick down, slips are being handed out for graduation robes and caps, and meetings are beginning for students wanting to go to college.  Yup it’s time for Senior Graduation, where many students get ready for college or for real life. I sent a quiz to some seniors for their opinion on graduation.
I asked Seniors Logan VanHandel, Dora Gomm, and Ryan Romenesko. These are the questions I asked each of them and here’s their response.

First Question: What are your thoughts on graduation this year?
Logan V: “It's kinda scary knowing we'll be adults.”
Dora G: “Counting down the days, can't come soon enough!!”
Ryan R: “It should be exciting!”

Second Question: What are your plans after graduation?
Logan V: “I plan to attend Wisconsin Lutheran College and go on my path to become a firefighter.”
Dora G: “Attend Minnesota State University and run track.”
Ryan R: “Attend UW-Oshkosh for accounting.”

So overall most seniors either have a plan for college or are excited to graduate. So as a last ho-rah-rah, let's get through the rest of the year so we can become honorable members of society.

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