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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Girls' Soccer

by: Kylie Schultz
The girls soccer team's record so far is 2-4. We won against Central Wisconsin(0-5,Non-conference) and Waupun(3-5,Non-conference). We lost to Kaukauna(10-0,Non-conference), Clintonville(4-3,Conference), Fox Valley Lutheran(8-1,Conference) and Denmark(8-3,Conference). We have had a rough season so far, but we hope to get better as spring goes on.

Our team consists of 7 Seniors, 4 Juniors, 6 Sophomores, and 6 Freshmen. This year we started something a little different with captains. Normally we just have our 3 or 4 captains, but Coach Armstrong and Coach Jan wanted to switch things up. Our coaches now pick a random player on the team to make captain for one week. Once that person gets picked they can't get picked again.

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