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Friday, May 12, 2017

Prom: A Night To Remember

by: Natalie O'Brien

FullSizeRender.jpgWe’ll remember April 29, 2017 as the night where our juniors and seniors had the best night of their lives. Most of the juniors and some of the seniors went to Mass at St. Johns and took pictures with their dates and friends. The boys did their funky pose whereas the girls made sure they looked their best when it comes to posing for a picture. The night started off as everyone headed  to the Timber Rattlers Stadium.  When we arrived, people started taking pictures by the photo booth with props. We took our name tags and sat at a table with our friends and waited to be told to grab food. After dinner, they allowed the seniors to come in and start dancing with us juniors. Eventually later that night, they announced the prom court.  After they got everyone all lined up, they finally announced the prom king and prom queen: Gabe Dove, the new prom king, and Hannah Robinson, the new prom Queen. Mitchell Gut and Carlie Huss were the last year’s prom king and queen and handed Gabe and Hannah their crowns. As the night ended with everyone dancing with a couple of songs left, people started to leave to go to Rusch’s Bowling Alley. Everyone had a blast at prom and wished they could stay longer. FullSizeRender.jpg

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