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Monday, May 15, 2017

Interview with a Local Youtuber

by:  Damien Villines

I interviewed Toxic Suffrage (Mataan Omar)

What kind of thinking goes into one of your videos?
“I get home and I think to myself what do the people want to see. Then it just clicks. A lot of editing and heart.”

How far would you go for your subscribers?
“I would go as far as the ocean. Sky is the limit, baby.”

Is there any reason you pick certain games? Are they just games you enjoy?
“It’s like half and half, some for the subs and some for me.”

Are you thinking about branching out and doing anything other than gaming?
“Yeah, I thought about doing reaction videos and skits which I think I’m gonna start doing.”

Do you have any sort of upload schedule?
“I used to but I’m pretty busy now.”

Are there any youtubers that inspired you?
Rusty Shackleford really got me going. Shoutout to Rusty Shackleford! I’ve been trying to play some Team Fortress 2, but it makes me kinda mad. Galaxyz also inspired me a lot.

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