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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

St. Louis, Here They Come

by: Brady Weigman 

 The Little Chute Mustangs baseball team is making a trip to St. Louis, Missouri over spring break to play a couple of baseball games. The team will be leaving on March 31 and will be returning on April 3. This will be good for the team because they will have some tough competition to start off the season. The team will be hanging out the first day and will have meals planned for every day. Before they play the games the team will be getting a tour of the St.Louis Stadium where the Cardinals play. The Mustangs will be having a couple of practices in the area where they are staying. Another thing they will be doing is exploring St. Louis by visiting different places like the Hall of Fame and the Cardinals Museum. After this exciting day they will be playing a doubleheader the next day against Cuba and Rolla. Also there is going to be one sophomore and one freshmen that will be playing this weekend.  Freshman Jacob Lillge says,” I am excited for the St. Louis trip because it will be very fun with friends, and we will get to play some baseball.”  Sophomore Connor Weigman says,” I am excited for the St. Louis trip because I get to spend time with the baseball team in a hotel and get to play baseball with them.” After they are done with this awesome weekend playing baseball they will be leaving to go back to Little Chute, hopefully with 2 wins. 

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